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Modern Nymphing Elevated, DVD Modern Nymphing Elevated, DVD, on Euro Nymphing, nymphing techniques,
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Modern Nymphing Elevated, DVD In their first video, Modern Nymphing, Devin Olsen and Lance Egan shared the techniques, gear, rigging and expertise that have propelled them to competitive fly fishing success. Gilbert Rowley boosted the project with his film making acumen, and in so doing, set the bar for instructional fly fishing videos. The stunning camera work, concise instruction and captivating action has motivated thousands of anglers to become versed in these European inspired techniques....

Modern Nymphing, European Inspired Techniques Modern Nymphing, European Inspired Techniques, Euro Nymph Fishing, fly fishing
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Modern Nymphing In our opinion, this is the best entertainment and instructional video on the genre known currently as Euro Nymphing, which is the culmination of many nymph fishing techniques, which evolved simultaneously and sometimes independently in many places in the world. This DVD is fairly free from dogma and also explores suspended nymph techniques, such as dry/dropper and strike indicator fishing, and why these technique can at times be superior for catching fish. This DVD/Video is...