• Epoxy Mono Crab/Shrimp Eyes are available in 5 colors
  • Easy to tie with
  • Super realistic
  • Durable

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    • Black
    • Brown
    • Clear Pink
    • Tan
    • Clear Yellow

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    Epoxy Mono Crab-Shrimp Eyes

    Epoxy Mono Crab/Shrimp Eyes are constructed on very clear stiff monofilament. Some are are opaque and some are tinted transparent epoxy over a black pupil. They all replicate the eyes of Crustaceans found in nature. These eyes were mainly designed for saltwater flies, but also have applications for steelhead/salmon flies and crayfish flies.

    Flies such as Mark's Spawning shrimp are more productive when tied with Epoxy Mono Crab/Shrimp Eyes. Eyes are targets for predatory fish. Flies tied with eyes are often much more productive than the same fly patters without eyes.

    The video above suggests that eyes are very prominant in many crustaceans, including krill, which are prime food items for many fish, including tuna and salmon.

    Shrimp and prawns are primarily larger versions that are usually concentrated closer to the floor of oceans and bays. The puffy flies above assume a more streamline cylindrical shape after they are wet. The Mono Epoxy eyes then become a prominent feature of these fly patterns.