• Entry Level Spey Fishing School
  • 8-hour float trip
  • 2-students maximum per instructor
  • Spey Schools since 1998
  • Taught on moving water
  • Primarily Skagit Style Casting
  • One opening only for special school May 13, 2019
Price: $275.00
    Points to Purchase:27500

    One Day Entry-Level Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools

    Welcome to Steelhead Fly Fishing 101! These classes are scheduled on Fridays so that they can be taken consecutively with our Spey Casting Schools.

    Take a pontoon boat ride down a local river with Mark Bachmann and Hawkeye Hawkins. Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own. Being able to find fish and presenting the fly properly are key factors. We will show you how.

    This school will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in one day. Classes will be conducted on the Sandy River where we will spend 8 hours on the water. Big, safe, roomy pontoon boats will enable us to cover 12-miles of river during the class. We limit our class to two students per boat/instructor.

    Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. The emphasis will be on giving you a foundation of skills to build upon, with a high priority given to hooking fish during the class. Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where fish are caught and landed. We will concentrate on Spey rod use and sinking-tip line fishing. This is a fishing class. Students should have moderate casting skills before this on-the-water instruction. If you need basic knowledge or a brush-up on Spey casting skills, we suggest signing up for a Spey Casting School and be ready to use those skills to catch winter steelhead.

    For more Spey school information, click here.

    Class Schedule:

    • Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop at 6:00am for half-hour orientation and coffee.
    • Drive to the river for on-the-water instruction.
    • A hot lunch will be served on the river with a very short rest period following.
    • Arrive back at The Fly Fishing Shop at 6:00pm.