Price: $3.50

    Larimer's Egg Sucking Loop Sculpin

    The Loop Sculpin is a spinoff from the Loop Leech. Like the leech, the Sculpin has a loop of 30 pound Fire Line braid threaded through the rabbit strip body. The stinger hook is looped into the fire line. This design has a number of things going for it. First, the long rabbit strip creates a seductive swimming motion that brings the fly to life in the water. Furthermore, the single rabbit strip creates a large profile though still casts easily considering the size of the fly. Most importantly, the hook can easily be replaced if it becomes damaged or too dull to sharpen. More so, the angler can change hook sizes according to the fish they are chasing. A size 4 would be appropriate for most summer steelhead, Alaskan rainbows, or large sea-run brown trout. However, for larger winter steelhead, or Canadian summer steelhead, I will jump up to a size 2. Conversely, if I'm fishing for resident brown trout on a Rocky Mountain tail water, I'll go down to a size 6.

    The Loop Sculpin has quickly gained recognition in fisheries worldwide. My clients tested the fly again on Deschutes steelhead last summer. Fished on a Skagit head and 12 feet of T-14 or T-11 sink-tip, it was a great mid-day fly. However, the Loop Sculpin isn't just a steelhead fly. Industry sales rep George Cook fished it in Tierra del Fuego last spring. The fly accounted for the largest sea-run brown trout of the trip. After giving the fly to a few friends that guide Alaska, it seems trout in both hemispheres love to crush the Loop Sculpin. If you like fishing big, meaty flies for predatory fish like steelhead, sea-run browns, resident browns, bull trout, or Alaskan rainbows, this fly should be a part of your arsenal.