• 10' 6" long, expandable to 11' 6" with Competition Kit
  • 4-weight for general trout fishing
  • Comes with a screw-off end cap and 10 gram counter weight
  • Each rod comes with a hard case and sock for easy travel and storage
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    Designed by Tim Rajeff and Team USA's Pete Erickson, these powerful, moderate- to faster-action "long-light" European-style nymphing rods deliver critical feel and line control with an added bonus: they'll actually cast a dry fly with very good accuracy, so you are prepared without changing rods when a hatch comes off. An optional competition package (sold separately $74.99) includes two 6" extensions that add extra reach, either 6" or 12", a screw-in fighting butt and counterweight washers that fine-tune balance. The ultimate fishing competition rod, bar none.

    Echo Shadow II SH-4106

    Length: 10' 6"
    Line Weight: #4
    Number of Pieces: 4
    Line Recommendations: Any #4 or #5 line will work well on this rod, but it is especially good with a Royal Wulff Ambush Line, either #4 or #5.
    Use: This rod is designed to cover the whole sport of nymph fishing on moving water, from trout to steelhead. With both 6" rod extensions in place, the SH-4106 becomes 11 1/2 feet long for smooth dead drifts in larger rivers. In the longest configuration with the counterweights and extension butt in place, this rod is perfect for single-hand Spey casting long distances. Without the kit in place, the SH-4106 is a great float tube rod, and will also fish dry flies with very good accuracy.

    "This is my favorite nymph rod!" MB

    Increase the efficiency of this rod by adding the Echo Shadow II Competition Kit.