Echo Rods

Echo rods are designed by Tim Rajeff . They have been proven by a host of fly fishing addicts around the globe. Everyone of the staff at The Fly Fishing Shop owns and uses at least one Echo rod. Some Echo rods have become personal favorites with our staff of guides.

Tim Rajeff is one of the best fly casters to ever roam this planet. Tim designed Echo Rods to be the best fly rods you can buy. They're not just good starter sticks--they're designed for hardcore anglers from all walks of life, at a price everyone can afford. We hear it every day. "I would have paid twice as much for this rod."

The power and action of each Echo rod is specifically designed for optimal performance in its most widely used application. All Echo rods are delivered with Cordura covered hard cases.

Echo Rod headquarters is about 50-miles from our store, so usually ships from same day to two days after we get your order.