• Four piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Matte chrome hardware
  • Classic up locking cork reel seat (down locking on the GL 8130)
  • Premium grade cork upper/lower handle with composite pivot knob
  • Classy golden caramel finish
  • Dark olive guide and accent wraps
  • Chrome snake guides
  • Ceramic ringed stripper guides
  • Cordura covered rod case and cloth rod sock
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    Well who'd-a thunk it, fiberglass is making a come-back in the fly fishing scene, a kind of bridge in the gap between graphite & bamboo, a bit of nostalgia without a heavy price tag. Why are anglers buying fiberglass fly rods. The first thing they all say is, "fun". Fiberglass bends, stores, and releases energy different than graphite. The tempo is slower- because the glass is slightly less elastic than graphite. Is this a mechanical advantage...no, but that is the reason why we fly fish in the first place; to have more fun by giving the fish more advantage...otherwise we would be using gill nets or plastic worms, or live sand shrimp.
    The Echo fiberglass rods are beautiful, and distinctive to look at. The company hit the nostalgic look dead-center. I know, because I grew up in the age of fiberglass, which stretched from about 1955-1975. If you had bought a custom made fiberglass rod built in 1974, it would have looked a lot like the new Echo Fiberglass rods. From what I remember about the rods of that era, the generation that is being made now cast significantly better. The newer glass blanks dampen better. Of course there were very few fiberglass Spey rods around in the 1970's, so comparisons are hard to make.
    Because fiberglass is lower modulus than graphite, you will have to make your moves slower and smoother to get the best out of it. Because of this, glass will teach you some things about casting that could help your stroke when you return to your graphite rod.

    NEW for 2015: Glass is back. Big time. All-new for 2015, we're stoked to introduce the ECHO GLASS TWO HAND, an expansion of our popular ECHO GLASS single hand series. Fiberglass Spey? Why? Good Question. Fiberglass recovers more slowly than graphite, giving the caster improved sensation of how the line is loading the rod. Enhanced feedback through the casting cycle results in a fun, effortless, bug launching. Sensitive tip for slinging surface patterns on a dry line, and plenty of "sneaky power" to catapult long, heavy sink tips with ultimate ease. ECHO GLASS TWO HAND rods are available in weights 6-8, ensuring you'll find a fit for your favorite fishery.