crush your barbs
  • The perfect size for most hooks!
  • Perfect smooth jaw construction
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $20.00


    Dr. Slick Barb Crusher Pliers

    One of the best tools you can have on your tying bench or in your vest. These gold handle, stainless steel pliers are just the right size and have the perfect jaw taper and width to crimp barbs on hooks from #3/0 to #28; all with equal effectiveness. Side cutter for soft wire and hard mono.

    Don't you wish the prior angler had used a barbless hook? We are seeing a high percentage of these kind of injuries. The broken and missing part of the maxillary flipper was most likely caused by an angler who was using a barbed hook and who was also insensitive to the damage that was done to this fish prior to its release. We are seeing a high percentage of these kinds of injuries. Don't be that guy! Use barbless hooks or crush your barbs.

    Fish long & prosper!