Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing Trips

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Conducted by: Mark Bachmann — 41+ years experience
2022 Prices Jet Boat Days Directions to Mack's Canyon

All Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing Trips conducted by me In 2020 will be downstream from Mack's Canyon campground using a jet boat for transportation. Parties will meet at the Mack's Canyon boat launch. State regulations disallow fishing from a floating device. All fishing is done while wading.

You are waist deep in the riffle, shadows of the basalt ramparts above turn the water golden brown. The fly rides in the surface film under light tension, the long rod balances lightly in your hand. Your eyes wander to the Great Blue Heron stoically perched in an alder tree across the river.

You are content in this soft fluid world. The line tightens in a slow, but deliberate pull and the heavy fish twists and turns trying to dislodge your hook. Your rod arches with his power and the line melts from your screaming reel. An incredible distance away the huge silver and gunmetal fish bolts through the surface. You are caught in the frenzy of your first Deschutes steelhead and time stands still...

Extended river camping is our specialty! We will be camped on prime water. In addition, we have another fifteen miles of prime water, all of which are within easy reach from camp with our big powerful jet boat.

You get up early after a great night's rest on a deeply padded cot. You let the sage-laden air fill your nostrils. Drink a steaming cup of coffee, eat some pastries, then don your waders and step into the sparkling river as your guide explains the finer points of fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon in this desert paradise.

Your fully licensed and insured guide is an avid fly fishermen and has many years' experience landing and releasing these beautiful fish. He has lived and worked many days in the area where you will be fishing. You are part of his fishing team. He provides the boat, camping gear and food, special flies and expertise. It is his job to operate the boat effectively and safely, entertain you, cook, set camp, locate fish, teach skills and help you in any way he can.

Detailed dissertations on regional history, geology, morphology, biology, and ecology are available at no extra charge.

"That's what I do." –Mark Bachmann

2022 Deschutes Operating Plan Based On Power Boat

Single 10-Day Base Camps - Rotating 2-3-4 or 5 Night Parties.

Luxury River Camping

With a jet boat, I can give you better service by providing more luxurious camps with bigger tents and a propane heated shower, better cooking and eating facilities etc. Deschutes Camp

Big Boat for 2022 Alumaweld Intruder 22' 330 hp V-8, all-weather, completely covered convertible cabin, complete with heaters for cold weather and much open ventilation for hot weather. Boat has full electronics for gathering information and a power wash-down system for spotlessness. This boat fits the size of the river and is very safe.

4 Angler Groups
This is the size of groups I have worked with for the last 32 years. A 4 angler group fits the size of the river and will allow lots of personal attention from me to you. A four angler group is the perfect size, because it allows for a camp manager/cook.

2-5 Night Camps
This length of stay is easy to keep food fresh in camp. Logistically this length of stay works for us. Don't worry, I can work it out if you want to stay longer (even much longer). Camping on the river is much more relaxing than staying in a motel and then racing to your fishing spot every morning and then racing back to the motel every evening. That's called the access road blues. My plan will eliminate your having to drive in the dark...either direction. The best fishing is usually during morning and evening parts of the day. So do your traveling in the middle of the day when the fishing is slow. You'll be there in plenty of time to catch the evening rise. And you will be rested and relaxed enough to fully enjoy it when it happens.

Groups Arrive and Exit Camp at Midday
You arrive in camp in the middle of the day and will have plenty of time to get organized before the evening fishing begins. There will be plenty of snacks for you fuel up on. Dinner will be planned around the fishing. Fish 'til dark and stay up as late as you like. Get up early the next morning. Coffee and pastries will be waiting. Get in a good session of fly fishing before the sun hits the water. Have brunch in the late morning. Go fishing, laze around, ask me to give a class in camp, whatever. Eat, sleep, relax and fish and fish and fish...

River Camping Trips

Arrive at Mack's Canyon around noon. Load gear in the boat which is already in the water and run to camp. Stow your gear and get comfortable in camp. Enjoy some refreshments as you prepare your fishing gear for the afternoon hunt. Fish that evening, the subsequent full days of your trip, and the last morning. Depart from Mack's Canyon around noon on the last day, leaving right after brunch.

Prices listed below do not include State Fishing Licenses, or Deschutes Boater Pass. You will need an Oregon Fishing License for the duration of your trip. Your guide will purchase your Deschutes Boater Pass. Drawings for Boater Passes start 180 days in advance of your trip date. The Boater Pass has to be in a client's name. Competition for Boater Passes is fierce. After all, this is one of the most exclusive public fisheries in the lower-48. You have to commit early. If you don't get your Boater Pass in the first round, you probably won't get to go. The cost of the boater pass will be included in the invoice for your final payment.

Deposits: 50% of total price is due when trip is booked. Final payment is due 30 days in advance of your trip starting date.

We provide all meals and camping gear. Meals can be customized to fit any dietary requirements. You will sleep on a comfortably padded cot in a large, secure dome tent (double occupancy). I do not furnish sleeping bags, waders or personal items.

Cooking and eating is done in a screen house. A hot water shower and privacy shower stall will be available at all times. The potty has its own special tent for privacy.

Email: for reservations

2022 River Camping Trip Prices

Trips are booked per person noon to noon (24-hours) = $500 + Deschutes Boater Pass.
Bookings are a minimum of two nights per angler ($1,000).
Booking early with 4-anglers assures that you share camp with people you are compatible with.

Two-Night Trips

4 anglers: $4,000 ($1,000 each - 4 anglers have entire camp)
Deschutes Summer Steelhead Three-Day Spey School  August 16-18 (48-hours)

Three-Night Trips

4 anglers: $6,000 ($1,500 each - 4 anglers have entire camp)

Four-Night Trips

4 anglers: $8,000 ($2,000 each - 4 anglers have entire camp)

Five-Night Trips:

4 anglers: $10,000 ($2,500 each - 4 anglers have entire camp)

Seven-Night Trips:

Mega PhD Summer Steelhead Spey School, September 14-21.
4 anglers: ($3,500 each - 4 anglers have entire camp) (one spot open only)

Big, roomy jet boat on the Deschutes river in Oregon belonging to professional fly fishing guide Mark Bachmann from The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon.

The Deschutes River is regulated so that all fishing is done while hiking or wading. Fishing from a boat is not allowed.

Guide Trip Equipment List

The chart below shows the dates the Lower Deschutes is closed to motorboats.

The chart below shows the best fishing months. Darker colors signify better fishing.

fly fishing guide trip best months chart