Luxury tent camping is possible!
Our camps aren't exactly like roughing it.

Several features set our Deschutes Camps apart from all others: electric lights, an on-demand supply of hot water, a base camp screen-house that has roll-down curtains to keep you warm and dry, and wide cots with thick pads in each sleeping tent. What makes all this possible is our 22' inboard jet boat, which allows us to haul all this paraphernalia, and set it up before you arrive.

Our big, roomy, safe jet boat allows you the comfort of being able to organize all your personal gear one time in camp, and not have to tear it down and repack until you are ready to go home. With this boat we can cover lots of water for your fishing and sight-seeing pleasure. Our boat has forced air heaters and complete cover from adverse weather. You're not going to be eating any snow flakes, rain-drops or bugs while you are traveling on the river with us. Our boat has a windshield and full top. You'll appreciate this cabin even more if you take an unexpected dunk in the river, especially if you have stashed a dry pair of waders and a change of clothes in the boat.

This 12' x 24' dining and kitchen tent acts as protection from the elements. It provides cover from wind, rain, and bugs, and also shade from the sun during the day. We've been perfecting this part of our operation since the 1980's, when we realized that our customers didn't enjoy the taste of caddisflies in their diet as much as the trout did.

There are two electric chandeliers in the dining tent. An extra bit of civilization brought to the wilderness, you know.

Power in camp comes from an ultra quiet Honda generator.

Screened walls allow air circulation during hot days. Our camps are always set up using natural protection from the sun and wind.

As weather gets cooler toward the end of the season, curtain walls and catalytic heaters provide protection from the elements.

Food is always well prepared, and plentiful.

Much camaraderie ensues after a great day of fishing and a sumptuous evening meal. Some evenings there are PowerPoint presentations by your host. After all, we do have electricity, a screen and a projector. During schools, and at the request of other parties, there are presentations to orient guests to the nuances of the local fishery at the very start of your trip. Every trip can be a private school if requested. There is no extra charge for this extra service. Dissertations on history, geology, and discussions about wildlife are also presented upon request, and at no extra charge.

Two large 6-person tents with full stand-up head room provide spacious accommodations for four anglers, or two couples. Two angler parties often get private tent service.

Each tent is equipped with two wide cots, which are equipped with thick pads. Each new customer gets a fresh mattress cover.

Our camps have a marine type toilet inside a private tent which is placed in a very discreet location. Pictured above is the shower tent, which is equipped with an on-demand hot water heater.

Pictured above is the wash station, where people can freshen-up in a convenient manner. This heater can be moved to the shower tent when needed. Camps are set up at several locations on the river. Locations are picked to accommodate the size of an individual party and to give the best fishing and protection from the elements. Configuration of tent and equipment placement will change with each camp site.

In every case, our priorities are your comfort and safety while putting you in a position to catch as many fish as possible.