Derek started fly fishing for trout on Boulder Creek near his childhood home at age 6. He remembers the first time his dad gave me a fly fishing kit, it was a little 8 foot 5 weight Eagle Claw. You could find him most days catching all varieties of trout on the smaller rivers and streams in the Mt. Hood corridor.

Just like the rest of the kids in the family, Derek started tying flies at a young age. His dad taught him that quality was more important than quantity and would regularly cut the material from the hook when the fly wasn't perfect. From age nine to about age fifteen Derek tied several dozen flies a day. After fifteen he decided that the fly fishing industry wasn't his cup of tea and focused more on the world of computers and emerging technology.

In his early twenties, Derek moved to the Midwest to work for Sprint PCS as a web developer. In 1995 he started talking to his Dad about the internet and that it was the new frontier for small businesses to level the playing field. Finally in February, 1997 he developed the very first fly fishing website that used a shopping cart system. That website was then moved to in June of the same year.

Twenty years is quite a milestone for any website, but a tiny fly fishing shop at the base of Mt. Hood is a feat that anyone can be proud of.

Derek's enjoys fly fishing the salt the most. His favorite is bonefishing the flats of Oahu, Hawaii with his good friend Mike Hennessy of Hawaii on the Fly and one day hopes to take a trip with him to Christmas Island for the Giant Trevally.

Derek now resides in Salem, Oregon with his beautiful wife Angie and their cat Darth Kittious. He is the Digital Marketing Director for the Donofrio Dealership Group that consists of Skyline Ford, Mercedes-Benz of Salem, and Acura of Salem.