• Cortland Denny Rickards' Fly Line - 468931
  • Cortland Denny Rickards' Fly Line - 468931
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  • Specialty line for fishing lakes
  • Designed by lake fishing legend Denny Rickards
  • Dark olive color floating line with with clear intermediate sinking tip
  • For fishing your fly in shallow edge water
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    Cortland Denny Rickards Specialty Lake Fishing Fly Line

    Denny Rickards ready to release a great brown trout he caught with his special Cortland Denny Rickards fly line with 7-foot clear tip fly line.

    If you fish enough, you'll eventually find yourself in situations where nothing seems to work. Fish more and you learn even the most technical situations have solutions. For example, Cortland's Denny Rickards 7' Clear Camo Tip was designed to be fished in the top two feet of water over weed beds and along shorelines when pupa, emergers or actively swimming nymphs bring trout up from the bottom to feed. The 7' Clear Camo intermediate tip stays higher in the water column and can be picked up with minimal surface disturbance at any time during a retrieve for a quick cast to cruising fish.