• Basic Fly Fishing Instruction Book
  • Great Reading for anglers of all ages and experience levels
  • Great bed time reading for children or grand children
  • Comic book style, but solid information
  • Fun
Price: $9.95

    In 1978 the fly fishing community evolved it's own illuminated manuscript: the Curtis Creek Manifesto. If you think about it, the illuminated manuscripts of the dark ages with pictures and writing on the same page produced the comic book format of the 20th Century. These types of publications were meant to communicate at the most basic levels. Wording was very simple. Illustrations were compelling to readers who needed a certain amount of stimulation to get them to read at all.
    My own involvement with the written word started out pretty bleak. Who knows whether I was dyslexic or just dull, but reading was very difficult for me through the first three grades of school, which delegated me to the special classes for the disadvantaged kids. This was all the more frustrating, since my parents were avid readers, and they read to us kids every night. Then I discovered comic books. My parents didn't approve of comic books, so they had to be read on the sly. Little by little by, looking at the pictures and the text it began to make sense, and I actually taught myself to read by studying comic books. By the time I was in the 8th grade my SAT tests disclosed that I was reading with the speed and comprehension of a senior in college. The illustrated manuscript format of the comic books worked for me and proved that the format used by English monks from 800 A.D. was still valid in today's world.
    The Curtis Creek Manifesto is a beginners book that reveals fly fishing at the most basic level. It teaches young people how to read, as it teaches them about fly fishing as a sport and a way of life. It has proven to be the most popular fly fishing book ever published in the western hemisphere (and possibly the world), having sold more copies than any other fly fishing book ever written. MB