• Blank in aesthetic matte smoke finish.
  • High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements
  • Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish
  • REC RSG Recoil stripping guides. Extra strong in Black Pearl finish
  • REC RSNX Recoil snake guides. Extra strong in Black Pearl finish
  • Delivered in matching Gun Metal aluminum tube and cloth bag.
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    For 30 years, LOOP TACKLE has been known for innovation in design. The result of modern technology and Swedish tradition is the CROSS S1 series.
    If the large arbor provided innovative function that made the fly fishing reel exponentially better, you won?t believe the distinction Cross S1 construction makes with fly rods. they could write a whole novel on the journey that has led to the Cross S1 series of fly rods. the sole way to actually describe what I mean is to hand one to you and allow you to test it for ytheirself. If there has ever been a time in their history of improvement of superior fly fishing gear where Loop merited a ?look? and a test from the fly fishing world, it is now. Over a amount of 2 years they have developed these fly fishing rods where they used the new 3M? Potheyrlux? Composites. The result's superb, the strength related to the 3M? Potheyrlux? Composites generates a lightness and controllable elasticity that merely must be experienced.

    They have fastidiously restricted the inherent elasticity of the Loop Cross S1 so the rod is functioning evenly over a far wider range than alternative fly rods. they have managed to form super-strong featherweight fly rods, with a stress on fishing where the rod is functioning with minimum vibration through a whole load range ? from close-in and out to even extreme distances. the look requires lowest input potheyr where the rod does the duty. it's never been so easy and taken so very little effort to deliver precision loops at 10-meters or 30-meters while simply controlling the line or changing the pace of the cast.

    386-4 CROSS S1

    Length: 8'6" Line: 3 Pieces: 4

    The Ultimate small stream trout rod or panfish on those quiet little lakes.

    490-4 CROSS S1Length: 9' Line: 4 Pieces: 4
    For perfect dry fly presentations, nothing beats the 9ft 4WT, Cross S1.
    590-4 CROSS S1Length: 9' Line: 5 Pieces: 4
    Whether throwing dries, nymphs or streamers, the Cross S1 9ft 5wt does it all.

    690-4 CROSS S1Length: 9' Line: 6 Pieces: 4
    Throwing bigger flies to bigger fish? The 9ft 6WT is perfect for casting streamers to hungry fish.

    796-4 CROSS S1Length: 9' 6" Line: 7 Pieces: 4
    Everything you expect from single hand 7WT. Powerful with a touch of finesse to land your next Steelhead.

    798-4 CROSS S1Length: 9'8" Line: 7 Pieces: 5
    Now you can throw your entire rod into your carry-on for your next trip to Iceland or Argentina.
    (TRAVEL SERIES 5-piecer)
    896-4 CROSS S1Length: 9' 6" Line: 8 Pieces: 4
    Chasing Silvers in AK? Maybe you're headed out for Stripers. This 9ft 6inch 8WT Cross S1 is the rod you need.

    990-4 CROSS S1Length: 9' Line: 9 Pieces: 4
    Kings, Muskie, Stripers just to name a few of the species you'll want this 9ft 9WT Cross S1 for.