World's Best Crease Flies
  • Crease Flies
  • Tied on stainless steel hooks
  • Neutral density (slow sinking)
  • Used for predator game fish
  • May be used with floating or sinking fly lines

Crease Flies

These unique flies are the creation of Captain Joseph Blados from Long Island, and are produced by Umpqua Feather Merchants. These flies are the rage for striped bass. We first heard about them a couple of years ago and decided to take a few to the Sea of Cortez. There are a number of near-shore Mexican fish species such as Cabrillas, Pargos and Bonitos that will eat Crease Flies. Crease flies have also proved to be a great change-up fly for Dorados that had already seen too many Sardina flies.

Crease Flies are tied on long shank stainless steel hooks. A tail of white bucktail and Flashabou is tied to the hook shank. Then a pre-cut piece of Mylar coated foam sheet is folded and super glued in place for the body. Coloring is added to the back. Then reflective eyes are installed. Then the foam body is given a coating of clear epoxy.

Crease flies are neutral buoyancy and have a slight wiggle when retrieved. They have proven to be fairly durable and productive enough to earn a ride to any saltwater destination we travel to. Each of the four colors have caught fish for us. Matching the coloration of the local bait fish has been a productive strategy.