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10 Spey VersiLeader 10 Spey VersiLeader
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10 Spey VersiLeader Full Set 10 Spey VersiLeader Full Set
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All six densities are organized in individual zip-lock pouches within a beautiful Cordura pouch. That way, you can easily carry the full selection and always have what you need. These VersiLeaders are adaptable to all kinds of fly lines above size 6. They are most comfortable with size 7-8-9 lines. They will work well with all Spey and saltwater lines.

Airflo Salmon/Steelhead PolyLeaders, 10, picture
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Airflo Salmon/Steelhead PolyLeadersAvailable in all seven densities in 10' lengths to provide complete depth control, so often essential for salmon/steelhead fishing. Floating leaders work well when fishing waking flies and also for fishing wet flies near the water surface. Hover and Intermediate PolyLeaders allow you to fish your wet fly a little deeper or anchor the line tip a little harder to the water for roll casting in the wind. Slow and Fast sinking leaders are perfect controlling the...

Airflo Spey Polyleader Airflo, Spey, Polyleader, for long belly Spey lines, for longer Spey rods,
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These longer PolyLeaders are popular for Spey rod fishing with many types of lines. They are especially popular for fishing Scandinavian shooting head lines, as the longer Poly leader provides an easy anchor when fishing short head lines. Often tippets of up to six feet are added to floating and intermediate PolyLeaders when fish are line-wary. The extra length in the sinking leaders allows you to fish your flies deeper than with a 10-foot leader of the same sink rate. Max. tippet strength up...

Airflo Trout Polyleader Airflo Trout Polyleader
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From casting on a turbulent streams to searching the depths of your local lake these leaders cover the full spectrum of trout fishing situations. Smoothly tapered to give easy turn over of dries, nymphs and streamers they open up many new techniques, not only with a floating line but with sinking lines as well. The 5' version is particularly useful on stillwaters and rivers. Max. tippets up to 5' long and as strong as 12-pound test may be added. Normal tippet lengths are 3' to 4' and may be as...

What are PolyLeaders/VersiLeaders

(Possibly the category might be called “Coated Leaders”).

The term PolyLeader was first used by the Airflo Company of UK, to describe a new leader system they had developed to enhance both casting and leader performance.

A leader forms the essential link between the fly line and the fly. A leader must retain just the right amount of energy during the cast to place the fly perfectly on target. Fly fishing leaders are tapered to retain just the right amount of energy to turn the fly over and then lose that energy so that leader comes straight, and then settles to the water. Most leaders of this period are made by tapering nylon monofilament strands. Nylon leaders are inexpensive and are fairly trouble free. However, some times the flow of energy doesn't transfer smoothly where a nylon leader joins a fly line because the line and leader are each made from materials that bend differently.

Coated leaders are constructed by using a level core and tapering a coating much the same way fly lines are made. They become an extension of the fly line itself. There is also an added advantage for being able to vary the coating to float or sink. Rio VersiLeaders are a nearly exact copy of Airflo PolyLeaders. They are made in USA and actually cost less (probably because of import duties).

When To Use A PolyLeader/VersiLeader

Airflo developed the PolyLeader so that the kinetic energy created by the fly line could be carried further, for longer, smoother, more accurate casts. Coated leaders may be the ultimate fly fishing leaders for many applications. These tapered leaders are literally an extension of the fly line. They allow for much better turnover, provide an easy and interchangeable system for adjusting sink densities, and allow you to use greater lengths of level tippet for line-shy fish. PolyLeaders have a high-strength level monofilament core surrounded by supple, tapered polymer. This unique combination provides the fly fisher with leaders that almost turn over by themselves! Available in a choice of seven densities, Polyleaders extend your tactics to a degree unrivalled by traditional mono leaders. The level monocore is exposed at the tip, allowing you to simply add your favorite tippet material and create extraordinary leader lengths. Floating PolyLeaders are clear with positive buoyancy so that they ride over ripples and not through them. Sinking leaders come in a wide range of sink rates that give you the latitude to adjust to changing water depths, water speeds and retrieve rates.

Rio Spey VersiLeaders

The RIO Spey VersiLeaders are popular with steelhead and salmon anglers in the USA. To some degree they are copies of the Airflo Polyleaders, and both Polyleaders and VersiLeaders have their fan clubs. Both brands use monofilament cores.

Because RIO is the newest (successful) fly line manufacturer, its machinery is the newest, and is able to build tapers that other brands can’t. They got into the coated leader game because they wanted a better match for their fly lines. RIO VersiLeaders blend well with most brands of fly lines. It also appears that they are the most durable coated leaders out there.