• Traditional Coachman Bucktail Fly
  • Extra strong Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron Hook
  • Proven performance
  • Often used as the point fly with a larger Fly du Jour dropper fly
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $2.50

    Coachman Bucktail Steelhead Fly

    From the mists of time came the Coachman Fly. In one form or another it could have been represented in the original collection presented by Dame Juliana in 1496, and may have been ancient even then. There is evidence that as soon as the human race developed metal fish hooks, they started to attach feathers and hair to them. Herl body flies have probably been around since the first metal fish hooks came into the proximity of peacocks. Brown chicken hackles are common feathers also. It seems natural that the two materials should be combined on the same hook.

    Named as such, the original Coachman Fly evolved in England and had a wing of white duck quill dressed low to the body. American anglers changed the wing to white tail deer hair, then to calf tail, then to kid goat. On which side of the Atlantic the red tail was added is up for debate. Northwest anglers found that most species of salmonids will eat a Coachman Fly, but summer steelhead are very fond of them, especially tied in smaller sizes. Ours are tied on very strong nickel plated hooks, and have accounted for many steelhead.

    You never want to be without a couple of each size Coachman Bucktails in your "working-fly" box. They seem even better if pattern incorporates a red head.