Chicone's Crusher Legs, fly tying material great for trout, bass, saltwater, steelhead and salmon flies.
  • Round, soft, wiggly strands
  • Durable
  • Easy to tie with
  • Just the right size for bonefish, permit, steelhead, and salmon flies
  • Subtle barring on a clear background
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    • Brown Barred Clear
    • Fl. Orange Barred Clear
    • Fl Pink Barred Clear
    • Olive Barred Clear
    • Fl. Chartreuse Barred Clear
    • Purple Barred Clear
    • Orange Barred Clear
    • Blue Barred Clear
    • Black Barred Clear
    • Sand Barred Clear
    • Fl. Yellow Barred Clear

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    Chicone's Crusher Legs

    This is what Drew Chicone says about his new Crusher Legs:
    Although they look bright in the package, when you separate the individual silicone legs they are actually very translucent with light barring which is very different from most other legs on the market that are a solid color or barred black. The clear barred legs were designed to look more natural in the water, revealing only a scant amount of barred color for attracting attention over a light colored bottom or sand. The Olive, Tan and Orange are perfect for emulating tiny crustaceans hiding amongst the grass and mangrove root on the flats.

    What we say about Chicone's Crusher Legs:

    My first look at Chicone's Crusher Legs was a day when Aqua Flies designer, Bret Jensen stopped by the shop and introduced himself. Before that, I had only heard his name connected to his Klamath Intruders, a series of small innovative flies tied for half-pounder steelhead. Brett left a couple of larger Intruders. The orange one really got my attention, and specifically the unique rubber legs it was tied with got my interest. They were very subtle pale fluorescent orange banded. The effect was striking. I had seen that type of coloration in many hues on lots of different ocean critters that that game fish eat. Many types of shrimp, krill and squid have colors over transparent bodies and body parts. Even some fresh water trout foods exhibit the same tendencies. I remember looking through Rick Hafele's microscope and seeing that the mayfly nymph that i thought was dark brown and black was in-fact clear with some superficial dark markings. Most of its perceived coloration changed with its background. When placed in a clear dish, which was back-lit, I could watch its heart beat.