• Chan's Balanced Ruby-Eyed Leech
  • Sinks fast
  • Rides level
  • 2 proven colors (red & black)
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    Chan's Balanced Ruby-Eyed Leech

    Spring is the time when many of our lakes, both locally and nationwide are thawing out and the trout are coming off a long low calorie winter. They are hungry and relatively na�ve with the lack of angling pressure they�ve experienced under the ice the past several months. This action usually happens well into the summer. You can always rely on the classic woolly bugger, but if you want to up your game there is one standout fly I have come to like. That fly is Brian Chan�s Balanced Ruby Eyed Leech. The Ruby Eyed Leech
    is a simple fly of goat dubbing and flash with a translucent red bead behind a modest cone head. Sounds about like any other leech pattern except for one aspect of its construction. The fly is tied to be �balanced�. This means that the fly is tied to maintain a natural horizontal position at all times. This is achieved by tying a sewing pin with the bead or cone on it ahead of your hook. A jig hook such as a Daiichi 4640 is the best choice for this style of fly. The pin with the bead or cone being in front of the hook eye counterbalances the weight of the hook bend and point hence the name �balanced�. The results are unparalleled. Being in a horizontal position makes the fly appear as natural as possible which we�ve found is quite appealing to many trout. The fly can be fished under an indicator or it can be slowly stripped along the bottom using a slow sinking line. It will maintain a horizontal position with both methods. It comes in two colors; Red or black. When water clarity is normal they both seem to produce equally well. On days where water clarity is less than ideal or fishing near creek mouths� staining the water, the black version seems to have the edge. One thing is certain. If you plan on heading out to do some lake fishing whether it be early season, midseason, or any time you�re fishing stillwater, you�ll definitely want some red and black Chan�s balanced ruby eyed leeches with you. Frank Day