• Bright Dorado Popper
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    Bright Dorado Popper

    #2/0 -9/16"x 4 1/2" Bloodshot baby dorado color. A good pattern for adult dorado, jacks and any specie that eats baby dorados.
    Fishing on the surface is the most classic style of fly fishing. Popper fishing is about as close to dry fly fishing as the saltwater angler is going to get. There is no doubt in the thrill of seeing a trout come to the surface and sip a dry fly from the surface of a clear stream. However, watching a forty pound dorado slash to the surface, crush your popper, and then extract many hundreds of feet of backing from your screaming reel is an event hard to accurately describe. Popper fishing is a game that every saltwater angler ought to be prepared to try.