• Claret color scheme
  • Great for low clear water
  • Great all around steelhead fly
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $2.50

    The Brazilian Steelhad Fly

    "The Brazilian is a first choice in low, clear water. I've always admired Randy Stetzer's claret fly named Patricia", says Tom Larimer. " However, I wanted a fly that looked a little more "buggy" with a darker color scheme. After some experimentation, I found the color combination of claret and copper to be very attractive to summer steelhead. The Brazilian also does well as a come "back fly." If a steelhead refuses my first offering, I'll switch to it and often get the fish to commit. If I'm fishing a two fly rig, I'll fish a flashier fly like my Purple Green Butt as a point fly with the Brazilian tied on a dropper three feet up the leader. That way if the fish see's my searching pattern and refuses it, they get a subtle fly on my next cast as I step down river. I find my best success with this pattern when light is on the water with the sun positioned straight behind the fish. As a side note, this has been one of my most consistent flies on Idaho's Clearwater River.