We know something about pontoon boats. We use them for work and play on some of the west's wildest rivers & most productive fishing lakes. Our personal pontoon boats range from 8' to 18' long. Each size has its merits and its limitations. Some of these limitations are dependent on the skills of the oarsman. Not only his rowing strength, but his experience and alertness. Always be prepared for the instantaneous-unexpected when rowing fast moving water. Always shake down a new boat in an easy, familiar setting.

Always wear a life jacket if you have any doubts.

All of the boats that we sell are small enough to be loaded car-top by one person. 12' is the longest pontoon boat that can be loaded by one average size person.

8' boats are the best all around personal fishing craft for average size people who fish in lakes and moderately fast streams. 10' boats are best for larger than average size people who fish lakes and moderate streams or average size people who fish fast steep rivers. 12' boats are mandatory for 2 people or very large people or people who want to haul a lot of gear in rough water. 10' and 12' boats are hard for average size people to propel with fins on a lake.