Enhanced Casting Skills Class

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Spey Tune Up for BC & AK

Maybe your northern dream trip to British Columbia for steelhead and/or Alaska for kings got shot down last season by Covid-19 because borders were closed or a mandatory isolation policy made your trip impractical. You went the whole season without touching your two-hand fly tackle. You are feeling kind of rusty, and you need a tune-up. Or maybe you just went for a couple of days for steelhead close to home and your guide had to grit his teeth, and you realized that you were burning valuable fishing time with tangles and creating presentations with too much slack in the line to be effective. Could be that the river was large and you needed more line speed to reach the holding water. Maybe you took a beginner Two Day Spey School and learned a lot, but now realize you need more training. We have the solutions for all of these problems. Our system works because we have been doing tune-up classes upon request from our clientele. We have been practicing on them, while getting ready for you. 

We call it the Enhanced Casting Skills Class. It is two days on our local water doing what we normally do on our guided trips, fishing and instructing. It books for the same money as our normal float trips on the Sandy or Clackamas and costs the same ($500 per boat per day with either 1 or 2 anglers), but puts the emphasis on building skills. Most anglers learn more when they take two days on the river. If this sounds interesting call: 503-781-6468.

To learn more about our local schools & trips: 

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