Top 10 Four Weight Fly Rods

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Top 10 Four Weight Fly Rods for Winter Hatches

Many different sizes of fly rods can be used for winter trout fishing, including long Euro nymph rods and light weight Spey rods. But, winter can offer great sight fishing in calm eddies and edge-water, that here we are going to explore rods for fishing dry flies during the winter. Most winter hatches are comprised of very small insects, mostly midges and tiny baetis mayflies. Soft presentations at moderate ranges during calm days are the rule. Most fishing will be done at ranges of under forty feet, but once in a while long casts up to sixty feet will be needed. These ocational long casts kind of rules out the 1-2-3 weight rods. Tiny flies often demand 6X and 7X tippets, and they are harder to keep intact while playing fish on rods of 5-weight and heavier. Needless to say that any size of lightweight trout rod will get you in the game, and individual preference and skill level will vary, our favorite size of rod for winter dry fly fishing are four weight from eight to nine feet long. These sizes of rods are supple enough to play large fish on gossamer tippets, but powerful enough to make long accurate casts when the are needed. Winter dry fly fishing can be very tactical. While the fish usually get very light pressure during the winter, they have the habit of hanging out in smooth, slow water where they can easily see tiny insects (and everything else around them). They don't often move very far to consume their prey, so fly delivery has to be accurate and very gentle.

Beulah Guide Series II

Beulah Guide Series II fly rods give you affordable performance in single hand freshwater fly fishing. From the smallest stream born brook trout to sea run steelhead, there is a high performance rod in the Guide series II. Each GSII fly rod is designed individually to match the blanks size, power and action with technique and environment and fish. Guide Series II are super light-weight and fun to fish thanks to our new slim blank profile and carbon scrim process. However, the best attribute of G.S. II is how beautiful, compressed, bullet-shaped loops form no matter your casting style.

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Beulah Guide Series II 490 9' 0" 2.6 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $295

Beulah Platinum Series

If you consider the 9’5wt a “gateway” fly rod on the road towards obsession, then the Beulah 8’8” 4wt Platinum fly rod would be a sign you have reached full blown, trout bum status.
This very well may be the most coveted Platinum single hand fly rod in the Beulah lineup. A good 4 weight can be so versatile in the world of trout fishing whether target shooting or distance is needed. The Beulah Platinum 8’8" 4wt fly rod loads crisp and quickly with as little as 5’ of line out of the tip, and covers flies from #22 Midges to #6 Golden Stones with ease. If you are searching for the perfect 4 weight, you’re search ends here. Every outing is a vacation with a 4 weight this good!
The Platinum 4 weight offers a nickel-silver reel seat with stabilized Maple burl wood insert, reverse half wells grip w/ inlays that Beulah is known for, a high quality salt water safe stripping guide, and light wire chrome over stainless steel snake guides. Of course Beulah went with 4 color windings. After all a Beulah is not a Beulah until the performance is wrapped in art!

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Beulah Platinum Series 488 8' 8" 3.1 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $425

Echo Base Series

Echo uses the latest materials and technology, to provide performance for the beginner, or other anglers on a tight budget. These rods are magic in the hand and help anyone throw tight accurate loops that place your fly on the target. Whether you're new to the sport, or looking for a solid back-up to add to your quiver, the ECHO BASE offers quality and performance for a VERY reasonable amount of dough. This medium-fast action phenom casts "freaky good", and the four piece travel design is perfect for packing when adventure calls. Durable? Yup. Maintenance free reel seat and quality components = years of fun. Grab a new ECHO BASE, and GET OUT THERE! This rod also comes in a complete with reel, line, backing, leader, rod/reel case and a dozen flies for $169.99. (Click the link below.)

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Echo Base Series 480 8' 0" 3.4 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $89.99

Echo3 Series

Exceptionally advanced, high-modulus graphite and modern resins make these next-level rods light and sensitive while maintaining the backbone to go 10 rounds with an angry fish. They're crisp on that instant 70- shot, but not so fast that you can't feel the rod tell you that it's 'go-time'. These rods look, act and feel like rods costing hundreds of dollars more; very smooth, crisp actions.

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Echo3 Series 490
9' 0" 2.9 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $349.99

G. Loomis NRX LP

When you need to make long casts and soft presentations, this is an excellent choice It will handle small to medium-sized dry flies and nymphs while allowing you present the fly from a distance. The softer flex allows you to use ultra-light tippets with confidence. An excellent choice when the water is extremely clear and the trout are spooky!

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
G. Loomis 1084 NRX LP 9' 0" 3.0 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $745.00

G. Loomis NRX

An incredible 4-weight rod for fishing larger streams and stillwaters with dry flies, nymphs or small streamers. The 9-foot length, along with the unbelievable light weight gives you casting range and line control that is almost unheard of. It is surprisingly powerful, able to punch out 60'+ casts, it will fish tippets as light as 6X no problem. When you have to use down-to-whisper-thin-tippets to be successful, this rod will handle it and when you want an ultra-light challenge for oversized bluegill or crappie, it makes an excellent choice thanks to that NRX sensitivity!

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
G. Loomis 1084 NRX
9' 0" 3.2 oz. Fast 4 $745.00

Sage Foundation Series

Capitalizing on performance aspects of Graphite IIIe Technology, the FOUNDATION rod family is fast action built for multi-application. From dry fly fishing a hatch at dawn to nymphing through a hot summer afternoon, this rod covers it all. The FOUNDATION delivers signature Sage feel with stellar components such as ceramic stripper guides, hard chrome snake guides and tip-top, black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, and a snub nose cork handle with fighting butt on saltwater weights.

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Sage Foundation 490-4
9' 0" 2.9 oz. Fast 4 $325.00

Sage ONE Series

Affectionately nicknamed the "LITTLE" ONE by the Sage team, the newest series of Sage's flagship rod family takes ultra-light fly fishing to a new level of performance. Konnetic Technology- allows for a smaller rod diameter and slimmer profile without sacrificing high line speed and smooth tracking for effortless and accurate casts. The already impossibly light blank is coupled with an ultra-light custom reel seat and compact cork for an ultra-light feel and ultra-light action from tip to butt. For small rivers and streams where the quarry is light trout, the LITTLE ONE is your rod of choice.

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Sage ONE 482-4 8' 2" 2.4 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $850.00

Sage X Series

The X rod's all-new fast action taper built with Sage's KonneticHD Technology delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop - creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. This taper allows you to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation, resulting in a performance driven, forgiving fast action blank - refining the synergy between angler, rod, line, and fly.

One of the more common sizes of trout rods in the Rocky Mountain states. This is probably the apex four-weight rod period.

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
Sage X Series 490-4 9' 0" 2.4 oz. Fast 4 $895.00

TFO Finesse Series

The Finesse series provides anglers the slowest, most traditional action in lengths that are compatible with limestone creeks, small mountain streams, and densely wooded rivers. The Finesse series features premium cork half-wells grips, rosewood inserts and high-quality locking nuts.
Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
TFO Finesse Series 489 8' 9" 3.1 oz. Moderate 4 $199.95

TFO BVK Series

A finely tuned instrument — lightweight and highly responsive.
This 8' 6" - #4 BVK could become your favorite dry fly rod for trout fishing in smaller western spring creeks, or eastern (or western) freestone streams. Would also be a good choice for small pond panfish. Could be the best bang for the buck in a four-weight rod.

Make/Model Length Weight Action Sections Price
TFO BVK 486 8' 6" 2.7 oz. Medium-Fast 4 $249.95

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