Timothy Lake: Old Fishing Hole, New Adventure

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Timothy Lake: Old Fishing Hole, New Adventure

By Mark Bachmann

Patty and I have been fishing Timothy Lake (on the Oak Grove fork of the Clackamas River) for over 40-years. We started with float tubes, then went to pontoon boats. This the last couple of outing we used our jet boat. The power boat has allowed us to see the whole lake as never before. Fishing was great all day, every day even though the water temperature in the morning was 69-degrees and at dark it was over 74-degrees.

Most of the fish we caught were planted rainbows that averaged 10-14 inches, the largest were 15-16 inches. During the morning and most of the day Mini Leeches did the trick. Most of those fish were caught with type-2 and type-3 sinking lines while fishing in about 15-feet of water. A slow twitchy retrieve with the fly near the bottom was amazingly productive.

We saw a few Hexagenia mayflies one morning around 10:00 o’clock, but the fish didn’t pay any attention to them. The main hatch started with sporadic emergence about 4:00 in the afternoon, then gradually increased until dark. Fishing emergers in the dark resulted in a fish nearly every cast for about an hour and then died. By that time, we were wore out.

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