Buff As A Cold Weather Garment

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Buff As A Cold Weather Garment

Buffs can be worn while skiing for fishing for winter steelhead.

Buffs are a seamless tube of stretchy fabric designed to slip over your head an be arranged in ways to protect your head, face and neck from the natural elements. With the UV protection mania that pervades the southern US, Buffs have become both fashionable and functional. The perception is that Buffs are mostly for keeping sun off your skin, and yes they are great sun protection. But, wait there more...

Bufs protect from tropical sun.

Buffs are equally great for people playing in temperate climates and even in the arctic for insulating yourself from rain, snow and frigid wind. In some ways a Buff is one of the best pieces of clothing for both comfort and survival. Buffs are small and will fit into a small pocket. They cover parts of your body that can lose a disproportionate amount of heat for their size such as the veins in your neck and your ear holes. Most importantly they cover your brain, which when cold it loses reasoning and the will to survive. 

A Buff keeps the wind out of your ears.

Buffs may be worn in many ways and are available for many different temperatures. I always have at least one in my gear bag, MB

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