The Best Bug Repellent

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Protect yourself from mosquitos and other biting pests. Use ULTRATHON for long lasting protection.

3M's unique technology provides longer lasting protection with less DEET. Time release protection means DEET is slower to evaporate and provides protection after others have dissipated - up to 12 hours of protection against mosquitoes. Splash and sweat resistant to ensure consistent protection through all your outdoor activities. Repels mosquitoes and ticks that may carry Lyme disease, or the West Nile or Zika virus.

In the mid-1980's, the US military contacted 3M to develop a better form of biting insect protection based on 3M's unique Time Release Technology. The resulting product, Ultrathon™ Lotion, quickly replaced their prior DEET product and is still being used today by troops in all areas of the world.

The 6-ounce spray can is not allowed on airplanes, so must be shipped by ground transportation. The 2-ounce lotion tube is allowed on airplanes and may be shipped by fast air carriers, but we don't recommend travelling with it in your carry-on luggage as it may cause a hassle with TSA. Put it inside a sealed containeter (zip-lock) and put it in you checked luggage, especially if travelling internationally.
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