Steelhead Fly Fishing Secrets

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Catching Steelhead: The top ten secrets to success
If you asked the masters, this is what they would tell you.

1. Be where the fish are.
Steelhead runs are very cyclic. One year a river might be loaded with fish and the next year it might be marginal. Use the Internet, but also use the telephone. Call us for local information: 503-622-4607.

2. Choose the right guide.
Take some time to interview your prospective guide. There are a lot of different personalities out there. There are also a lot of different experience levels. Take time to get acquainted with your guide before you book a trip.

3. Keep your fly in the water.
Practice casting and presentation continually while you are fishing. Every cast counts. Learn to be efficient. Your fly will only catch fish when it is in the water and has the best chance when presented properly.

4. Check for wind knots and abrasions in your leader.
Keep track of your terminal tackle. Many fish are lost to wind knots and abraded leaders. Remember that you are playing in the fast lane. Anything that can break, will break.

5. Keep your hook sharp.
Carry a file. Any time your hook touches the bottom of the river, check the point. Use your file. Many strikes are missed because the hook is dull.

6. Stay on the move.
The more water you cover = the more fish you cover = the more biters you cover = the more fish you put on the beach. It's as simple as that.
7. Be alert.
The more fish you see, the more fish you catch. Wear polarized glasses.

8. Be prepared.
Do your research. Check your gear before you start your trip. Be organized.

9. Be comfortable.
Have the right clothing for the conditions you might encounter. Nothing ruins a trip quicker than leaky waders or a soaked shirt.

10. Be relentless.
Be relentless. Be relentless. Be relentless. Be relentless. Be relentless. Be relentless. Be relentless.

Good Luck In Everything!
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