Sage Exceeds Customer's Expectations

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Some programs really exceed your expectations, and sometimes even the impossible happens.

From November into June, Bob and I fish steelhead together nearly every week, and we have done so for about the past ten years. Near the beginning of our relationship he asked what kind of rod to buy that would help him take his Spey game to the next level. I handed him a Sage Z-AXIS 7136-4. It did the job, and Bob caught a lot of steelhead with it. Then a few years later Sage came out with the ONE series. Bob then bought a 7136-4 ONE, and a year after that he added an 8136-4 to his collection for a Canadian trip. He currently uses both rods on all the winter steelhead trips we do together. The 7136-4 ONE is equipped with a floating Skagit head, and the 8136-4 ONE is equipped with a multi density Skagit head. The two rods fit easily side by side in my eighteen foot long cat boat. This two rod set has functioned perfectly together for several years.

Then a couple of years ago disaster struck as I was climbing into the boat over the rods, my foot slipped and my knee came down on the butt section of the 8136-4 and broke it. After apologizing for the clumsy act, I sent the rod back to Sage for repair, and they returned it in a very business-like fashion with a new butt section. Then a couple of months later, the next section above the butt didn't fair well against a collision with a lead eyed intruder fly, and the rod was again sent to, and repaired by Sage quickly. Last fall the same rod had an accident involving a tree limb and the third section, while fishing the Miramichi River in Nova Scotia, and was again sent to Sage for repair, and again repaired, returned, and both the customer and the shop owner were very happy with the service. Then last month the tip section of this same rod popped out of the rack just as we were shooting a very narrow gap, and got pinned between a pontoon and a particularly large knobby rock. The tip section of the rod was both abraded and crushed. Back to Sage it went on 01/13/18. It was repaired and back in our shop 01/19/18. That is six days with a day of travel time each way, which means that Sage did the repair in four days on a rod that is no longer in production. That is astounding...and that is one of the many reasons why I use and sell Sage. MB

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