Spey Clave 2017, Part 3: Steve Rajeff & Klaus Frimor

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Saturday's programs are coming together. We have some exciting presentations for you.

Steve Rajeff, Saturday, May 13, 11:30 a.m. to noon
“Little rods = Big fun”
Casting techniques using short Spey rods for maximum results

Steve Rajeff to perfom at the 2017 Sandy River Spey Clave. Steve is head rod designer for G. Loomis, and 14 times World and 44 times American All Round Casting Champion.

Caster and Rod Designer, Steve Rajeff

  • Rod Designer at G.Loomis 30 years
  • First World Championship in 1973 – Scarborough, England age 16.
  • 14 times World and 44 times American All Round Casting Champion
  • Board of Governor Emeritus – Certified Fly Casting Instructors IFFF
  • 8 years fly fishing guide in Alaska and Montana

Steve has designed over 2,000 models of fly, spin and casting rods for G.Loomis. His notable design achievements include many rods in the families of IMX, GLX and NRX.

"The bio and picture above are typical Steve Rajeff, unembellished and to the point. It has to be hard to be humble if you are Steve Rajeff, but somehow he always achieves it. Do you think that a man with the resume above knows a bit about fly rods and fly casting? This year Steve Rajeff takes his rightful place as key performer during our densest crowd right before lunch. My recommendation is, get your place at the beach early!" MB

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Klaus Frimor, Saturday, May 13, 1:30-2:00 p.m.
Underhand (Scandi) Casting, Defined and Simplified

Klaus Frimor will be performing at the Sandy river spey Clave 2017. Klaus is a rod designer and fly casting instructor wo works for Loop Tackle Company.

Klaus is an underhand caster at heart, but enjoys the ”darker side” Skagit-style as well. Scandi-casting is in it's home region named ”underhand casting” and is done with single as well as double handed rods. After approximately 30 years of cutting lines for fishing places like Scandinavia, Argentina, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand and USA to name a few, this style of casting, or ”thinking tackle,” has proven to work under nearly all conditions.

Klaus will be demonstrating the basics of underhand casting and the gear set-up needed for this style of casting, along with a few tips and tricks

"Klaus really got my attention two Claves ago. I was hanging around the Beulah booth shooting the breeze with Bruce Berry and Nick Rowell. Bruce had just poured a fresh cup of coffee and set it on a shelf behind a rod rack where the rods were standing vertical, all in tight formation, spaced about 3" apart. I was seated behind the rods and it was like looking out between bars. Klaus was about forty feet away to the right demonstrating casting to a small crowd. I noticed that he took special interest in something that was in my direction. It was then that I witnessed one of the most difficult casts ever. At first I thought the cast would go streaking by, parallel to the rods. Instead the leader turned right angles through the rods and the heavy piece of yarn fell perfectly in the center of Bruce's full cup. Luck? Maybe, but things like that are always happening to Klaus. He's a lot of fun. Don't miss Klaus' entertaining program." MB

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