Spey Clave 2017 Update

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Three More Programs to Deepen your Spey Casting Knowledge

Spey Clave 2017, First three programs

In the first three sessions on Friday morning, Mark Bachmann, Hawkeye Hawkins, and Al Buhr help build your spey casting knowledge by providing a vision of perfectly simple principles. These will lead to a deep understanding Spey casting dynamics: the union of rod, line and angler to create fly line speed. All fly casting is the process of generating fly line speed, which in turn propels the fly to the target.

During the second three sessions, Tom Larimer, Jeff Hickman and Brian Styskal will provide more insights into techniques that will build even more line speed, accuracy and control.

Program by: Tom Larimer - Friday, May 12, 10:30-11:00 a.m.

Lesson #4: Economy Of Motion - A compact stance and proper body mechanics save energy. Economy of motion results in repeatable casting moves that increase efficiency and cut casting fatigue.

Tom Larimer is driven by the pursuit of "never good enough" when it comes to anything concerning fly fishing. This can be seen in his unquenchable thirst for creating, testing and improving equipment, flies and fishing techniques. To say he is a perfectionist is a vast understatement. This is illustrated by the numerous Spey lines he has designed for Airflo Fly Lines, his many fly patterns in the Solitude Fly Company catalog, and the multitude of other fly fishing products he has influenced or designed. The catalyst of his desire for functionality has been influenced by his 20 year stint as a guide pursuing steelhead, salmon and trout. Guiding took him from his home waters in the Great Lakes to Alaska, and finally landed him in Oregon fifteen years ago.

In 2006, he started Larimer Outfitters and became recognized as one of the elite fly fishing guides on the Deschutes, Klickitat, Sandy and Clackamas rivers. In addition to guiding, he has shared his love for travel by hosting anglers on trips to British Columbia, Alaska, Belize and the Bahamas. His experience from years on the water and developing cutting edge products has propelled him to the forefront of two-handed casting instruction. His recent DVD release “Skagit Revolution” showcases his unique and effective style of casting instruction. Although he recently retired from guiding to become the National Sales Manager for G.Loomis Fly Fishing, he still loves to share his knowledge of the sport and continues to push the envelope in product design.

Program by: Jeff Hickman - Friday, May 12, 11:00-11:30 a.m.

Lesson #5: Preserving Casting Accuracy - Accuracy is as important as distance. Only one end of a fish eats. It is better to place your fly in front of that end. Jeff will explain and demonstrate moves that enable you to cast with great precision.

Jeff taught himself to fly fish at a young age. Growing up in a lodge on Mt. Hood that he helped his mom manage, he was a regular at The Fly Fishing Shop. He saved up his housekeeping wages to buy his first Spey rod at the age of 12. A guided float trip down the Sandy River with Mark Bachmann on his 13th birthday set his life path. Hitchhiking to the river before and after school, he was doomed to a life of fishing addiction. The addiction led to fly shop employment, guiding in Oregon and Alaska, and even management at a Bonefish lodge in the Bahamas.

Jeff created Fish The Swing to show his commitment to "swing-only" steelhead fishing. He has recruited a talented team of guides to work with him. Along with his wife Kathryn and their son Oly, the Hickman's now own and operate three well-respected and sought after all-inclusive, guided steelhead programs on the Clackamas and Deschutes rivers in Oregon and on the Dean River in British Columbia. This guy lives and breathes steelhead fly fishing and customer service 12 months a year.

Program by: Brian Styskal - Friday, May 12, 11:30- Noon

Lesson #6: Adding Distance - You can only catch fish you can reach. This is one of the few provable statements about fly fishing. Brian will share his knowledge acquired as a tournament distance caster so that you too will be able to cast long lines.

Brian says: "My immersion into Spey casting happened in the early 90's. It happened while fishing the Skagit River and watching Harry Lemire make effortless casts while fishing the mixer pool. After talking with Harry about the rod and line he was using I knew then and there it was something I had to try.
Curiosity turned into a life-long obsession with the two handed rod and learning Spey casting. In the mid 90's I was fortunate to meet Mike Kinney, who was kind enough to help me with the casting and also taught me how to build custom lines for the two-handed rod. Mike encouraged learning all the different styles in Spey casting and using them to your advantage.
These days I'm pretty passionate about teaching Spey casting to others. For me, it is extremely rewarding and I Iearn something new from each student. I also enjoy hopping in the casting pond and doing some competition casting on a world level. This to me seems like the ultimate challenge and has taught me more about Spey casting than anything else.

First and foremost, I am a hopeless steelhead addict. Time spent on the water keeps me sane. I spend a lot of time on the rivers. This is what brings me back to center."

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