Sandy River Spey Clave 2016 "In The Beginning"

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Sandy River Spey Clave 2016 "In The Beginning

The Spey Clave Agenda is coming together early this year. All the details will be online next week. Friday, May 13 will be designated as: Beginners Day as usual. The on-the-water programs will start at 9:00 a.m. and will be arranged as the foundations of the free school that is to follow in the afternoon. The on-the-water presentations will be in the form of seven lessons,which will progress from simple to not so simple. The first and most basic lesson will form the foundation of this school as the First Grade, the Final Lesson will be the last lesson of your elementary school to prepare you for the Free Casting Lessons, which will start right after lunch.

Program by: Mark Bachmann - Friday, May 13, 9:00-9:30 a.m.
Lesson #1: The most basic information - How does a fly rod work for you, single-hand and two-hand rods.

Mark Bachmann
Oregon Fly Fishing Outfitter/Guide
and Fly Fishing Instructor since 1981

"Wild steelhead and wild steelhead rivers are my obsession. I have been catching steelhead with flies since 1963. There is no substitute for the experience. Nothing teaches more about fishing than catching fish. My goal as a fly fishing guide, and fly fishing instructor is to impart my experience to you, so that you too can be successful as an angler. Hopefully we will become good buddies while we are together."
Below is a video of Mark that was made "just for fun".

Program by: Hawkeye Hawkins- Friday, May 13, 9:30-10:00 a.m.
Lesson #2: Placing the anchor, loading the rod, and sustaining that load while changing casting direction.

About Hawkeye Hawkins:
"My name is Phil Hawkins, though almost everyone knows me as Hawkeye. I love to fish. But I really love to guide, especially for steelhead. Taking people down the river and helping them with their casting and fishing skills – or just watching them have a good time – is what it's all about.
I'm a low-key guy. The only thing I get excited about is watching someone get a grab—or better yet, hearing the cry "Fish On!" As we come into the take-out, I want you to feel like you've had a great day, and have gotten your value…and I work hard to make that happen.
I'm a native Oregonian, born in Klamath Falls, raised in Eugene, and based on Mt. Hood for many years. I've done a lot of different things in my life, but fishing has always been at the center of my being. It started when I was a kid, fishing in some ponds in back of my dad's gas station and it just kept on going from there. Rivers, lakes, ponds, sloughs, creeks, you name it, I would fish it. With spinners, spoons, worms, snakes, grasshoppers, mice, eggs or flies, it didn't matter. I loved it all. After a stint in the Army, I rode rodeo (until I came to my senses after a few surgeries and multiple casts), and then played the tournament bass fishing game (too expensive). I returned to Mt. Hood in 1991 and decided to try to catch steelhead with a fly rod instead of drift gear or spinners. I got an 8-weight rod and some purple wooly buggers and went at them with reckless abandon. And I haven't looked back.
I worked for Walsh Construction during the week (a total of 28 years), but fished during my free time. After several 5 fish days on the Zig Zag, I knew I'd found my calling.
After years of fishing for fun on my own, The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches gave me the opportunity to start guiding the Sandy River in 2003. Now that I've retired from my construction career, I'm guiding full time.
I hope I'll have the chance to share my enthusiasm for fly fishing and steelhead with you!" HEH

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