RIO’s SlickCast Fly Line Technology

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RIO's Revolutionary NEW SlickCast Fly Line Technology

RIO Premier Gold fly line NOW in bright Orange, Lumalux and Moss/Gold colors!

RIO’s NEW SlickCast Technology creates the slickest, most durable coating on the market - producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. What does slick get you? For starters, line flies through the guides with higher line speeds for unprecedented and easy distance. The slick coating also allows anglers to fish more effectively as line slides out of the guides with less friction for extended drag-free drifts. SlickCast ensures that the RIO Gold fly line that you have enjoyed for years has been reintroduced with that same perfect weight and taper, but with improved performance. 

Additionally, SlickCast continuously releases essential slickening agents that migrate to the line’s surface. This ensures that the line remains as slick as the day it was made - giving anglers many years of high performance and easy distance.

As for durability, SlickCast’s proprietary formulation produces the toughest and most durable fly line coating in the world. Lab tests show that a line built with SlickCast lasts 140% longer than RIO's nearest competitor in abrasion testing and lasts 33% longer when testing a fly line for cracking - that is one tough fly line!

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