New Ideas About Summer Steelhead Tube Flies

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New Ideas About Summer Steelhead Tube Flies

By: Mark Bachmann

Is there really anything new in fly tying? Probably not, but does it matter if it is new to you? Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems Microtubes can be cut to any length.  Standard bucktail steelhead flies used on the Deschutes and other rivers mid and upper Columbia tributaries the front end of the fly is usually black or purple with a white wing. 

The rear of the most popular of these flies is often, but not always a contrasting color. With the Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems Microtube it is easy to change the overall appearance of the fly just by changing the silicone hook holder (Pro Hook Guide).

Pro Hook Guides come in nine colors and three sizes. Pro Hook Guides are easily changed, both for color and for size.

Flies can be any color, style or size and the overall appearance of each fly can be changed at will simply by changing the Pro Hook Guide.

The same methodology can be used with Pro Nanotubes, which are longer than Pro Microtubes and com in floating and two densities of sinking tubes.

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