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Rich Agenda at 2018 Sandy River Spey Clave

The Sandy River Spey Clave, which started out as a meeting of about four dozen guys on a gravel bar playing with Spey gear has evolved int the premier event of its kind in the world. This is due in part from a lot of community interest, masses of volanteer labor and heavy duty backing from a dedicated group of tackle manufacturers.

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Dax Messett

Since 2001, Dax messett has been a full-time worldwide fly fishing guide, instructor, lodge manager, published writer and photographer. His relentless pursuit to find unique, challenging, and memorable angling experiences has taken him to some of the finest fresh and saltwater venues throughout the world. One of the most experienced guides in the business, Dax has guided extensively for trout and steelhead throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Alaska, and New Zealand.
A passionate and dedicated steelheader, Dax is widely regarded as one of the West’s finest Spey casting and steelhead angling instructors. All guided trips focus on the clients' progression of angling skill and enjoyment of the venue, with respect of the angling environment being paramount. This published writer and photographer’s hosted travel trips to British Columbia and saltwater venues are in high demand, as well as his guest speaking engagements with fly clubs and events.
Dax's Guide Season:

Dec-Jan: Coastal Oregon Steelhead
Dax spends mid-winter chasing chrome bright winter steelhead during primetime on the southern coast. The famed Lower Rogue and Chetco are the featured rivers, along with some smaller rivers that Dax has intimate knowledge of.

Feb-Apr: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead
The biggest winter steelhead in the world run through the sacred waters of the Olympic Peninsula. Dax fishes the famed Hoh, Bogey, and Sol Duc. If you are a true steelheader, this venue should be at the top of your list for winter steelhead angling. It's truly a magical place.

May-Jun-Jul: The Fall River Valley & Hosted Saltwater Trips
Since 2002, Dax spends the early summer months in the Fall River valley pursuing wild rainbow trout. Dax loves head-hunting for rising trout on Fall River. He also takes clients to the Pit River, McCloud, and Hat Creek. This is also when Dax hosts his popular saltwater trips to Mexico, Bahamas, or Honduras. A Cuba trip is in the works for 2017.

Jul-Aug: Lower Klamath Steelhead
Dax teams up with fellow Confluence Outfitters guides Gino Bernero and Leslie Ajari for one of the most fun and unique steelhead camps offered in the industry. The Klamath is one of California’s finest steelhead fisheries. He targets steelhead and will occasionally run into bright chinook on this trip. Great weather, excellent food, elite spey casting instruction, and dime bright fish make this a must.

September: British Columbia Steelhead
Every year Dax hosts several weeks to the Skeena River system, which is the steelhead mecca for every die-hard steelheader. Dax spends over a month every year in this region, for good reason. Truly Epic steelhead fishing.

Oct-Nov: Grande Ronde Steelhead
Washington Dax teams up with spey legends Scott Odonnel and Mike McCune to work prime time on the best dry fly steelhead river in the Pacific Northwest. For years, Speywater Lodge has set the industry standard for Spey casting and steelhead angling instruction. The Ronde experience is a multi day float through one of the most beautiful canyons in the world of flyfishing. &

Saturday, May 19, 9:30-10:00 a.m. Program by Dax Messett & Leslie Ajari

Lesson #8: Spey Casting Made Easy

Josh Linn

Josh is a native Oregonian. His father introduced him to fly fishing at a young age. Over the years he has been mentored by a great many anglers and that influence has turned him into a respected angler, guide, and instructor. He has taught hundreds of people to cast and guided many anglers into to their first steelhead.
Josh has spent the better part of the past 20 years chasing steelhead throughout the Pacific Northwest and remote places in the world. During that time he has guided and fished many rivers including the Infamous River X in Alaska, the Deschutes and the Sandy rivers in Oregon as well as more distant locations such as Russia and Los Roques Venezuela
Over the past decade Josh has worked with major manufacturers such as Rio and G Loomis to develop fly fishing tackle. Recently, Josh held a position at G Loomis as the their National Fly Fishing Sales Manager. Currently, he has a managing role at Royal Treatment Fly Fishing. If you are ever looking for Josh you’ll find him in one of two places, the fly shop or on the river chasing steelhead.

Saturday, May 19, 1:30-2:00 p.m. Program by Josh Linn
Lesson #13: 6-tips for Spey Casting survival. Sharing my most important pieces of advice for Spey Casters old and new.

Tom Larimer

Tom Larimer is driven by the pursuit of ‘never good enough’ when it comes to anything concerning fly fishing. This can be seen in his unquenchable thirst for creating, testing and improving equipment, flies and fishing techniques. To say he is a perfectionist is a vast understatement. This is illustrated by the numerous Spey lines he has designed for Airflo Fly Lines, the many fly patterns of his in the Solitude Fly Company catalog, and the multitude of other fly fishing products he has influenced or designed. The catalyst of his desire for functionality has been influenced by a 20 year guide stint pursuing steelhead, salmon and trout, which took him from his home waters in the Great Lakes, to Alaska, and finally landed him in the Oregon fifteen years ago. In 2006 he started Larimer Outfitters and became recognized as one of the elite fly fishing guides on the Deschutes, Klickitat, Sandy and Clackamas rivers. In addition to guiding, he has shared his love for travel by hosting anglers on trips to British Columbia, Alaska, Belize and the Bahamas. More so, his experience from years on the water and developing cutting edge products has propelled him to the forefront of two-handed casting instruction. His recent DVD release of “Skagit Revolution” showcases his unique and effective style of casting instruction. Although he recently retired from guiding to become the National Sales Manager for G.Loomis Fly Fishing, he still loves to share his knowledge of the sport and continues to push the envelope in product design.

Saturday, May 19, 2:30-3:00 p.m.Program by Tom Larimer
Lesson #15: The ShortSpey Revolution
G.Loomis Sales Manager and Airflo Design Team member Tom Larimer will give an in-depth look at modern Spey rods and fly lines. In addition to introducing the IMX-PRO ShortSpey series, a new breed of sticks he helped develop with Steve Rajeff, Tom will share his insights into casting and fishing shorter two-handed rods.

Brian Silvey

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Brian Silvey, owner of a year-round Oregon fly fishing guide service operated from my home in Maupin, Oregon. Having grown up on the Deschutes and Sandy Rivers, I know these waters well and can guide you on a trip you won't soon forget.

I have been involved in the fly fishing industry in many facets over the years, including:

  • 30 years as a fly fishing guide along the banks of the Deschutes and Sandy Rivers
  • Holding a degree in Fisheries – Fish Biology & Fisheries Management
    - Experimental Biologist Aid for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • 35 years as a private and commercial fly tier
    - Signature tier for Umpqua Flies
    - My flies have been in several books and magazines
  • Instructing fly tying and fly casting classes
  • Winning the 1999 Best of the West Fly-casting Competition
    - 5 wt rod won with 102 ft cast
  • Certified Fly fishing casting instructor
    - I use both conventional fly rods and traditional two-handed (Spey) rods

I love my job and when I have "down time" from guiding, you can find me enjoying the river, fishing... or rock hunting... with my son and daughter, or simply enjoying the surrounding beauty of the area.

Saturday, May 19, 3:00-3:30 p.m. Program by Brian Silvey
Lesson #16: Skagit vs. Scandi

Andrew Moy

Andrew, who is of Norwegian descent, began fly fishing at age 4 in Norway. His older cousins taught him then to tie a fly and at age 4 he caught his first trout, with their help of course. He hasn’t stopped fishing since. In 1999, he began his two-hand casting career with a brief lesson on the river. Ever since that day, he has been self-taught spending hours, weeks and years working tirelessly to perfect his casts. Having now taught thousands of anglers through lessons, schools, classes and claves, he continues to follow his passion.

In 2001, he followed his heart and opened Tight Lines Fly Fishing in Parsippany, NJ. Open 7 days a week for 17 years, Tight Lines is a full-service fly shop, and serves a very diverse population of anglers, who travel to every corner of the world. Most days, when he is not out instructing, guiding or running a shop event or trip, Andrew can be found inside the shop.
Through Tight Lines, Andrew has instructed alongside notable two-handed casters including Simon Gawesworth, Henrik Mortensen and Mia Sheppard. Andrew is as comfortable with long bellies as he is Scandis and Skagits.
Spey fishing for Atlantic salmon and steelhead is his passion. Having fished the east and west coasts of the US and Canada in search of them, he has become more experienced and has fine-tuned his technique. He regularly hosts shop and personal trips to New Brunswick, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Gaspe’, and the Bahamas. In addition to Salmon and Steelhead, he has caught stripers, trout, bass and even bonefish on a two-handed rod.

Saturday, May 19, 3:30-4:00 p.m. Program by Andrew Moy
Lesson #17: The Relationship of the Body and Extremities: Timing movements to create the best linear energy for efficient effortless casts.

Klaus Frimor

Klaus is an underhand caster at heart, but enjoys the ”darker side” Skagit-style as well. Scandi-casting is in it's home region named ”underhand casting” and is done with single as well as double handed rods. After approximately 30 years of cutting lines for fishing places like Scandinavia, Argentina, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand and USA to name a few, this style of casting, or ”thinking tackle,” has proven to work under nearly all conditions.

Klaus will be demonstrating the basics of underhand casting and the gear set-up needed for this style of casting, along with a few tips and tricks

"Klaus really got my attention two Claves ago. I was hanging around the Beulah booth shooting the breeze with Bruce Berry and Nick Rowell. Bruce had just poured a fresh cup of coffee and set it on a shelf behind a rod rack where the rods were standing vertical, all in tight formation, spaced about 3" apart. I was seated behind the rods and it was like looking out between bars. Klaus was about forty feet away to the right demonstrating casting to a small crowd. I noticed that he took special interest in something that was in my direction. It was then that I witnessed one of the most difficult casts ever. At first I thought the cast would go streaking by, parallel to the rods. Instead the leader turned right angles through the rods and the heavy piece of yarn fell perfectly in the center of Bruce's full cup. Luck? Maybe, but things like that are always happening to Klaus. He's a lot of fun. Don't miss Klaus' entertaining program." MB

Loop Rods, Loop Reels on

Sunday, May 20, 9:30-10:00 a.m. Program by Klaus Frimor
Lesson #19: Probably a funny presentation about why underhand casting is superior?

Jon Hazlett

"Jon worked as a full-time guide for fifteen years at venues including Alaska, Colorado, NorCal, and Southern Oregon. Jon first picked up a spey rod in 1999. Since then, he has dedicated to the craft of two-handed casting and angling. He has taught hundreds of fly-fisherman the merits of two-handed casting through guiding, Sage endorsed clinics, private instruction, and regular appearances at the Sandy River Spey Clave. He is a contract fly designer for Solitude Fly Company which includes the "Dirk Wiggler" and "Deuce Wigalo" flies.
Jon currently guides his local waters on a part-time basis and works at The Ashland Fly Shop, where he teaches classes, does private instruction, writes articles, and performs various other shop duties. He resides in Medford, OR with his wife Jamie, two dogs, Romeo and Jr., and Sookie, their new kitten."

Sunday, May 20, 10:30-11:00 a.m. Program by Jon Hazlett
Lesson #20: Spey Casting: A Game of Inches

Ben Paull

Ben Paull grew up in the Seattle area, where he fell in love with fly fishing on small Cascades creeks and on the sea run cutthroat streams of Vancouver Island. From 7th grade on, all he wanted to do was fly fish. After graduating college, his main priority was to see a real Alaskan salmon run, so he went up to Alaska West to guide on the Kanektok River. There he met Ed Ward, who introduced him to swinging flies for anadromous fish. A few years later, when Ed and three other partners formed OPST, Ben was selected as General Manager, a position he has held since 2013. He fishes throughout Washington, from the desert to Puget Sound to the Olympic Peninsula. His particular passion is for swinging flies and stripping streamers with light Skagit heads on single hand rods. He is most at home casting sculpins for sea run cutthroat, armed with an OPST Commando Head on a 3-weight rod.

Sunday, May 20, 11:30 a.m. - Noon Program by Ben Paull
Lesson #22: Since OPST came out with their radically short and light Commando heads, Ben has been fishing them for a variety of fisheries from sea run cutthroat off the beach to smallmouth bass in Wisconsin to rainbow trout in Alaska. Ben will present on why he fishes these light Skagit heads on single hand rods, and how to cast them. Single hand Skagit will transform your light trout rods into supercharged streamer sling shots. Learn from Ben some useful concepts and tips to help accelerate the learning curve for this increasingly popular style of fishing.

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