Mark Bachmann, Guest Speaker at Clackamas Fly Fishers Club

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A Brief History of the Sandy River
as related to Fly Fishing

The Sandy River may be the best kept urban river in the world, flowing into a population center of 1.5 million people, much of its personality is wild.

It is located half way between the North Pole and the equator, giving this region the perfect climate for trout, salmon and steelhead fly fishing every month of the year.

Our Journey begins 12 million years ago as volcanic activity begins building the backbone of the present day Cascade Range, giving it much of its height.

700,000 years ago Mount Hood is born. Rising 11,250’, Mt. hood is the most photographed mountain in the Pacific Northwest.

29,000-18,000 years ago
The Ice Age: Mt. Hood glaciers extend all the way down the Sandy River valley to the present-day town of Brightwood. Today the Sandy River heads in Rheid and Sandy Glaciers at 6,000’ elevation.

The river was first defined in the English language in November 1805 by the Lewis & Clark Expedition and is noted in their journal as the Quick Sand River.

Mark Bachmann moved to the upper Sandy River basin in April of 1965.

A 12.5 mile section of the Sandy River became Oregon's first designated "wild & scenic river" by State Law, which became the pattern for Oregon's Omnibus Wild & Scenic River Act, which in turn became the pattern for the Federal Omnibus Wild & Scenic River Act, which made 200 river across the nation "wild & scenic".

If you want to know more, come to this presentation.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
7:00 p.m.
High Rocks Steak and Chops
(Formerly known as) High Rocks Pub, Gladstone< OR
915 E Arlington St, Gladstone, OR 97027 

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