Hatch 7+ Refurbished to Gen2

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Hatch 7+ Refurbished to Gen2

I was nonchalantly walking at a fast clip up-river back to the boat on the old abandoned railroad grade on the lower Deschutes. The light was dropping fast. There was a ledgey bad-assed rapids between camp and where the boat was parked. My crew was already at the boat and I calculated that we would make it back to camp with not too much light to spare. A vertical ten foot drop off the old grade and fifty yards of flat ground would put me at the boat. I left the grade intending to land on what looked like a secure landing on a rock on a three foot elevation drop. I hit the target square then realized that the rock was laying on a slope, which allowed it to roll from under my foot and launch me into the air nearly head-first to impact on top of my rod and reel which was clutched in my right hand.

Stars exploded as my right wrist made initial contact with a large slab of basalt. For a minute or two I lay in a crumpled heap. My pet rod and Hatch 7+ reel were underneath me, but apparently had somehow not suffered the full impact. My right fore arm and wrist were mostly numb except for a deep throbbing ache. Some how I managed to get up and stumble to the boat and we made it back to camp in the dark. Patty was holding a light as we docked. It was not until the next morning that I noticed that the handle on my reel was somewhat out of align, suffering from a bent axle.

I sent the reel back to Hatch with instructions for them to rebuild it to Gen2 spec, which they did. It now works better than new. I think this fall would have destroyed any other reel I have ever owned. I own three Hatch Finatics and love them all. I love the Hatch no bull shit attitude and their avoidance of built in obsolescence. Mainly I enjoy using things that are proven. And more than anything I enjoy using and selling equipment that actually works as advertised. Yankees still build the best stuff. Yea USA! Yea Hatch.

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