Converting Euro Nymph to Trout Spey

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Converting Euro Nymph to Trout Spey

By: Mark Bachmann

Mark Bachmann holding a Shadow II rod and reel loaded with an Ambush Line.

Well, I thought that the idea was original; using a long Euro Nymph rod with a short Skagit head to fish streamers: ie, a single-hand Spey rod for trout fishing. Turns out that the new long, skinny fly rod you bought for nymph fishing might be super for throwing streamers (single-hand Spey). That isn't a revelation to everyone. I recently looked at the Spey Pages discussion group and found a number of entries on the subject.

And, TFO built the Drift Fly Rod (do everything trout rod) just for that purpose. The drift is a seven piece rod that comes with a snazzy aluminum case and can be a 9" - #3 dry fly rod, multi-length Euro Nymph rod, or multi-length Trout Spey rod, and does a great job in all its many forms.

But, what if you bought a different long nymph rod, as I did before the Drift came to market? I bought an Echo Shadow II, 4-weight with the Competition Kit, and a Sage ONE Trout Spey at about the same time and had both of them in my jet boat while fishing down stream fro Mack's Canyon on the Deschutes River. During a lull in the fishing the 275-grain Ambush Short Head line wound up on the Shadow II. It was a match made in heaven.

I have used this combination with, and without the Competition Kit and it works with a regular 9-foot knotless tapered leader and with with a T-8 M.O.W. tip. Predictably. it works better with the Competition Kit installed when using the heavier tips and cone-head flies.

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