Blow Out Inventory Liquidation 30% OFF!

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Flies by the unbroken dozen packs (many kinds) 40% OFF!

Rental Waders and Wading Shoes $50 per pair or make and offer

Everything else: Blow Out Inventory Liquidation 30% OFF!

Store is closed Sunday & Monday (ONLINE ORDERS ONLY)

Store is open and telephone is manned Tuesday through Saturday regular hours.

All inventory must go.

Online orders may be sporadic as inventory may be moving faster than the site will be able to keep up total counts.

Sale prices limited to stock on hand.

No discounts apply to items already on sale.

Use the shopping cart for online orders. 

Totals will be adjusted to reflect discounts on our end.

No special orders beyond 01/10/22

Shopping Cart Shuts Down: 01/21/22

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