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Over the years, The Fly Fishing Shop has been at the forefront of the fly fishing world. In 1979, Mark Bachmann decided to teach his children (ages 9-16) how to tie flies to precise specifications. If the flies were tied with even the smallest imperfection, they would be cut from the hook with a razor blade and tied over. Each of us kids was given specific types of flies that best matched our ability and talent. We tied thousands of dozens of flies for the next few years until Mark and Patty felt we were ready to open up for business in April of 1981.

In 1995, the Internet was coming out of infancy and Mark thought that we should jump on board and offer people the ability to view our products on computers across the world. You would have to print out an order form and send it to us by FAX, mail, or email. Our internet address at the time was

In February of 1997, Mark’s youngest son Derek joined the team after spending a few years in college and working for Intel as a web developer. We registered our first domain name on June 20th, 1997 and went public with our new “state of the art” shopping cart that very day offering around 3000 items with over 600 pages of information about fly fishing in the Northwest.

In August of 1999, we published our first newsletter and it was an immediate success offering tips, tricks, and ideas for the most discriminating angler. By June of 2000, we made it the “Weekly Insider Newsletter” where we added reviews on the gear we personally used, current events, and what to buy for your next trip.

Flash forward to 2007, we had over 2000 pages and over 8000 items that you could purchase from the comfort of your home or office. Nearly a half a million people viewed our website in 2007 alone, with over 3.5 million page views from almost every country on this planet.

In 2012, we decided to transfer our "Weekly Insider Newsletter" to it’s own domain,, because it was taking up massive space on the server. We also started thinking that we needed a better shopping cart so customers could take advantage of newer technology like saving a shopping basket for later, tracking their orders, and creating a wish-list of the items they wanted. The problem was transferring the wealth of knowledge (I mean it is HUGE) from our current site to one that was database driven.

In 2014 we started transitioning to a wider format to display better graphics and add our full menu on the home page, links to our social pages, and a graphic carrousel to display our current newsletter topics.

2016 is going to be a transition year for The Fly Fishing Shop. We have a brand new web platform at that is in its beta stage. This new site will have the ability for you, our customers, to track your orders, see what you have purchased from us in the past (starting with 2016), create a list of items you would like in the future, brag about what you just purchased with your fishing buddies, and write a review of the products you buy.

This is the site we have been testing for nearly a year, and the testing is almost complete. We will be launching this on our main domain January 1st, 2017 and we would still love your comments on it. Please send all comments and suggestions to

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