Back In the Rower's Seat Again

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Back In the Rower's Seat Again

The first 45-days of 2022 have been eventful to say the least. Mark got some maintenance done on his right foot December 6, 2021 with an operation to clean out arthurites and bone spurs. That has taken a full sixty days of healing, and it could be another 30-45 days until completely back to normal. He is now confidently rowing taking clients fishing but is carefully wading with a staff.

Patty is doing what she has always done, being an equal partner, sharing in the work and play and dealing with the left-overs. Unless you have been in business for over 40-years, you can have no concept of how large the stack of left-overs can be.

Tony our right hand man has proven to be a specialist in dealing with the details. While Mark has been healing up Tony has been probing the river for steelhead and will continue to run trips.

After 40-years The Fly Fishing Shop retail store is completely shut down. Our web site: is still operational in the Guided Trips, Fly Fishing Schools, and informational categories. We did keep the guide business, and we will be fishing the Deschutes, Sandy, and Clackamas. There are no price changes for the first quarter of 2022. After analyzing expenses for this first quarter, we may not be able to hold this policy for further quarters. Once your deposit is paid you are locked in for the year. Book now.

Thanks to all the loyal customers who have expressed their regret in seeing us go out of business. The magnitude of this expression has been truly uplifting.

To all our friends who have wished us well in our retirement, and asked what we are planning to do, here are a few ideas we are playing with:

*There is a lot of the USA we have not yet seen and now we may take time to do so.

*or: We may camp for a month straight on the lower Deschutes

*or: We might spend some extended time fishing the Sea of Cortez

*or: We might do a remodel on our house.

*or: Sky is still the limit?

*or: All of the above!

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