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    This is what Bjorn Beech says about the Stinger Prawn Series:

    "In the 1980's we got tired of fishing normal type steelhead patterns. As fly tiers were playing with various marabou patterns, I came up with what later became known as "Bjorn's Super Prawn."

    After some tweaks and playing around with hooks it started catching other species especially spring Chinook. The first order I had for kings consisted of a meager 1 dozen flies but the next year that same order was 6 dozen, then 12 dozen, and it just kept getting bigger. I think the biggest order I remember tying for one person was 60 dozen. Over the years there have been a few little changes here and there but the core stayed the same: BIG LOUD and WIGGLY. To date, I have recorded thirty seven species to which have fallen victim to the Super Prawn, from king salmon in Alaska to snakeheads in Malaysia."