Billfish are a diverse group of saltwater fish that have long, sleek bodies, huge powerful tales, retractable fins and a raspy spike sticking out of the noses. There are quite a wide variety of colors and sizes. All species are most prominent in warm water Oceans. All species possess huge quantities of stamina and physical strength. Bill fish attract the most expensive boats to the most expensive tournaments. Billfish can be categorized realistically as the most elite group of sport fishes. One of the most elite quests provided by the sport of angling, is to catch and release a widest variety of billfish species with a fly rod under IGFA rules. These rules state that you can tease fish within casting distance with a trolled lure but, you must cast to and hook your fish with a fly while the boat is out of gear. Since most billfish are used to catching their prey when it is moving fast, this kind of "bait and switch" tactic takes tremendous team work between the fly fisher and the crew of the boat. The angler needs split-second fly casting skills with specialized heavy-duty gear. This takes practice. Once a billfish is hooked, the angler needs to have fish fighting skills and enough stamina to wear down a fish that weighs 50-300 pounds. Even though the tackle you are using is heavy by freshwater standards, it is still a fly rod and reel which will limit your leverage. Maximum tippet strength allowed is 20 pound test. If you are able to land your fish, you will know that you have earned it. Billfish that are commonly caught with flies are: Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and White Marlin. Only a hand full of anglers have caught all five species with flies. If you are looking for the ultimate quest with a fly rod, you need look no further.