• Bead Head weighted
  • Just the right amount of flash
  • Lots of natural movement
Price: $2.25

    Bead Head Mini Leech

    Trout in the net. caught with a Bead Head Mini Leech.

    There are many "wormy" looking creatures that live in aquatic environments. Most lakes and weedy streams have dense populations of leeches and aquatic worms. During much of the time they are buried in the substrate or bottom vegetation. However during low light conditions they often forage about where they are exposed to patrolling game fish. Trout and bass seek out these tender morsels and eat them like candy. This is especially true early in the spring before weeds start to grow. Leeches are your most important early season lake flies. If the water temperature is cold, they are most effective when fished slowly along the bottom with a sinking fly line. Swimming leeches are flat and elongated. They swim with an undulating, almost ribbon-like motion. The Mini Leech is designed to mimic this action. It's flat and has a bead head that gives it a distinct swimming-leech action. Don't head to your lake without some.