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    Bead Head Egg, Gorman's

    This veiled egg pattern was created by Oregon fishing guide, Michael Gorman, who has used it effectively on the Siletz, Rogue and Santiam Rivers. Steelhead, Sea Run Cutthroats and resident trout have all fallen for this pattern. Flies such as this have been used for many years on the Sandy River as well.

    Here's what Michael says about his fly:
    Having owned a shop in Corvallis --- the Scarlet Ibis --- from 1981 through 2000, I needed to catch fish, and sell customers something a little different and effective.
    I had good success on Glo Bugs, so there was no doubt steelhead liked eggs. So I started with my favorite color combinations for winter steelhead --- pink, with a hint of chartreuse green --- and added a bead and veil. The veil adds a nice "glow" and makes the egg seem a little more perfectly round than the fly tier may have actually created. Upon examining a skein of real eggs, the membrane holds some of the eggs together in a small cluster. Depending on the color of the veil, you can get subtle color changes in the final color of the egg fly. Sometimes this can be significant for picky fish, especially in heavily-fished locations. Shades of pink and orange work best for me, but I know Great lakes anglers who like a chartreuse green model.
    I use the fly all winter & spring for steelhead, and all spring for trout. When the Chinook spawn in the fall, steelhead and trout can go bonkers for it.