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    Bead Head Bird's Nest, Natural
    This pattern was designed by the late Cal Bird in 1959, who owned a small fly shop in San Francisco in the 40's and 50's. The Bird's Nest was first tied for the Truckee River as a caddis pupa pattern. Doubtful that the first Bird's Nests were tied with bead-heads as this was not the fashion until the mid-1980's.

    Bead Head Bird's Nest, Olive
    Original Bird's Nests were tied in various shades. Olive was one of the original colors, which has remained popular to the present time. we recently read an article by California's popular trout school instructor, Ralph Cutter, where he describes coating his Bird's Nest with Shimazaki Dry Shake floatant, so the fly collects bubbles and looks like a diving, egg laying caddis.