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Bass Master Bass Master
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George Cook recounted how on their trip to Hilton Head Island, S.C., subsurface flies such as the Bass Master in Black, and Crayfish colors were pay-dirt for large bucket-mouths: "You should have a pretty good pile of photo?s in your respected "Inbox?s" from my wife and I?s just completed a trip to Hilton Head Island, S.C. needless to say we gave ?Bassy The Bizness?! While I?ve done this trip with SE Sage Rep Raz Reid 8 times previously taking Bass to 9 pounds, this was by far the Best Big...

Chewy Pops Weedless Chewy Pops Weedless
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Every bass fisher has his or her favorite bug. This style could be everyone's favorite. Chewy-Pops have soft heads and are very lightweight and aerodynamic for easy casting. They hit the water gently, but will pop loudly if given a sharp pull. The round rubber legs, and Flashabou and marabou tail wiggle seductively. Chew-Pops are very durable and produce explosive takes. Of course they are weedless so they can be fished in dense cover. If you knew how good they are, you'd have a box full of...

Complete Panfish Fly Set Panfish Popper Set
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Complete Set of Weedless Panfish Flies12 flies in all. Two (2) each of the following: Bee Popper, Black Popper, Green Popper, Yellow Diver, Black Diver, Green Diver.

Dirty Frig Dirty Frig
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The Dirty Frig Deer Hair Bass Bug was designed by Mike Huffman to imitate a foraging frog. Frogs don't just sit around puffing up and loudly asking for sex all of the time. Sometimes they have to eat. During this process they hunt by swimming around and crawling around and sitting in ambush. Bass know how frogs act. They act like this fly. This fly is Weedless!

Goat Leech Goat Leech
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Black & red is a deadly combination in leech patterns. Long slow strips on the retrieve are often best. Crawl it along the bottom of the lake. The Goat Leech has been proven in many reservoirs for both trout and bass.

Hard Diver Hard Diver
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Hard Popper Hard Popper
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Sometimes it takes an extremely loud popper to trigger bass. These are the loudest fly rod poppers available. No picture can do justice to the craftsmanship employed in the construction of these poppers. The paint jobs are what you would expect to see on the finest custom cars. Long seductive fire-tip silicone legs and splayed hackle tip tails give life like movement, even when the popper is at rest. These poppers have the strongest weed guard available. Mega Whammies are the best fly rod...

Hopper Popper Fly, picture
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Livin Hellgrammite Livin Hellgrammite
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This fly doesn't have a weed guard as it is most often fished over rocky bottoms. It does ride with the hook point up, and remains snagless in the terrain it was designed for. Hellgrammites live in many slower moving rivers where they are fed upon by both largemouth and smallmouth bass

Meat Whistle Barrs Meat Whistle Barrs
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Tied on a jig hook, Barr's Meat Whistle can be stripped through underwater structure such as limbs and rocks with fewer hang-ups than conventional styles. Has a "big-prey", crayfish/sculpin appearance. The trick with the Meat Whistle is to fish it deep and very slow. Patience is a virtue.

Panfish Diver  Weedless Panfish Diver  Weedless
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Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, BlackNo expensive drag is required in the fly reel, nor is there any need for backing behind the fly line. The biggest single asset that your rod/reel outfit must have is extreme casting accuracy in the 20' to 40' ranges. One of the best ways to fish for panfish is to watch for feeding activity. This usually is most apparent during the warmest, brightest periods. Panfish Diver Weedless Fly, GreenActively feeding panfish can be splashy. Target those areas with your...

Panfish Popper Weedless Panfish Popper Weedless
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Can you imagine, some companies actually sell panfish flies that don't have weed guards. Panfish are ambush fish. They like to work at close range. Weed beds provide the densest cover. And of course weed beds are most fully grown during the warmest part of the year when panfish are most active. Panfish metabolism is high during the summer months. Panfish are voracious feeders and easy to catch....if you can fish right in the weeds. Our Panfish Poppers have very strong weed guards. They are...

Suttons Little Bass Frog Suttons Little Bass Frog
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Bass love to eat frogs. Frogs are amphibians, which are equally comfortable on land or in the water. They breath air. Therefore, they are found around the edges of lakes and ponds or living in the weeds and lily pads. The Foamster Frog is a low floater with legs that kick when retrieved and splay outward when at rest. It acts just like a tasty, juicy frog. Foamster Frogs are equipped with mono weed guards, so they can be fished in heavy vegetation.

Umpqua Swim Frog Umpqua Swim Frog
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Black bugger fly
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The development of the Wooly Bugger can be traced to anglers such as Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton, who presented flies with palmered chicken hackle to fish in the rivers of 17th century Britain. Izaak Walton specifically mentions the Soldier Palmer in his well known book The Complete Angler, published 1653. In the modern era, palmered wet flies such as the Wooly Worm became very popular. In the 1960's & 70's nearly every fly fisher had several wooly worms in their fly box. When we opened...

Bass and Panfish in Oregon

Black bass are the most popular game fish in the U.S.A. They are natural "fly rod" fish because they spend a lot of time near the surface of the water. Though not native west of the Rocky Mountains, both small mouth and large mouth bass have easily adapted to many bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest.

In Oregon, Large Mouth Bass are prolific in many low elevation lakes and farm ponds in all regions. Locally, the Willamette and Columbia River sloughs, as well as Rock Creek and Pine Hollow Reservoirs have good bass fishing. Here bass fishing starts getting good by mid-April when the water temperature is above 54 degrees. Woolly Buggers fished deep and slow can provide 50 fish days. As soon as the water temperature reaches 60 degrees, these bass start hitting the surface and popper fishing can go all day long.

Small Mouth Bass are also abundant in Oregon. The John Day and Umpqua are the two best known Small Mouth Rivers in our state. The Crooked River arm of Lake Billy Chinook is another favorite. The mainstay of Small Mouth diet is crayfish. Crayfish patterns are dynamite when fished deep and slow with a sinking line. Small mouths also feed on a variety of nymphs and bait fish. During the warmer months, casting small poppers and sliders to grassy banks and rock out crops can provide explosive activity.

Northwest anglers are learning that bass are a lot of fun on a fly rod. A selection of surface bugs coupled with a good collection of leeches, nymphs, baitfish patterns, crayfish and woolly buggers will equip you well for Northwest bass fishing.