Perfect for steelhead and salmon flies.
  • Superb quality
  • 2+ inch long hair
  • Lots of movement when wet
  • Great colors
  • Durable
Price: $9.95

    Arctic Fox Tail Fur Pieces

    Arctic Foxes like many animal that live pat of their lives on snow covered terrain turn whit during winter, then shed their fur and turn darker during the warm months to blend with their surroundings. All phases of Arctic Fox coloration are used for fly tying. These large tails are primarily white, but som darker colors such as black and purple may contain natural dark hairs from animals that weren't quite all white. However, tails labeled "Snow White" are from animals in their winter phase and the hair is then bleached to be perfectly white.

    Arctic Fox Tail Tips

    These giant fox tail-tips have enough fur to tie dozens of high quality flies. Tail-tips average 4-inches long by 4-inches in diameter. The under fur is very fine and densely packed. The fine tapered guard hairs are slightly longer than the under fur. This is a favorite wing material for Temple Dog style salmon flies. The effect of fox tail fur when wet, is very much like marabou, animated and flowing, but much more durable. Fur can be spun in a dubbing loop, wrapped on the hook and then combed out.

    Arctic Fox Tail Pieces

    Each tail-piece is about 1-inch thick segment of the tail with enough premium hair to tie dozens of high-quality flies. As with all natural furs, length of hair varies, but all comes from tails that were professionally graded as large.

    Whole Arctic Fox Tails