Beautiful fly tying fur.
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    These giant fox tails have enough fur to tie hundreds of flies. Tails average 12-inches long by 4-inches in diameter. The under fur is very fine and densely packed. The fine tapered guard hairs are slightly longer than the under fur. This is a favorite wing material for Temple Dog style salmon flies. The effect of fox tail fur when wet, is very much like marabou, animated and flowing, but much more durable. Fur can be spun in a dubbing loop, wrapped on the hook and then combed out.

    Arctic Fox Tail Pieces

    The resulting fly pulses and swims with every change in currents. Local anglers such a Brian Silvey have used brightly colored arctic fox fur to tie what may be called fox fur leeches. Several clumps of fur are secured to the top of the hook and the butts are spun into a dubbed body. A collar of fur is added to the frond of the fly and a fuzzy head is added. the resulting fly is quick to tie and very effective at getting strikes. One of the secrets in tying great fox fur steelhead flies is to comb them out with a pet brush. This maneuver aligns and separates the individual hairs so that water will flow through them and allow them to wiggle. The arctic fox tails sold here are premium grade and have long straight hair which ties the best flies possible. Each tail was over 12" long before it was died. Shrinkage of the leather occurs with some colors of dyes. this does not affect the quantity of hair available.