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Aquatic Moth Dry Fly, picture
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Aquatic Moths Throughout the summer months you will see many tannish colored, delta wing insects perched in the vegetation at the water’s edge on the lower Deschutes River. These are adult aquatic moths. They swarm and regroup as you disturb them while walking or wading along the edge of the river. They especially like shoreline grasses along splashy riffles. Here, they pass the days in gregarious communities. Gatherings of aquatic moths can be very dense, often numbering in the hundreds per...

Kingreys Better Foam Caddis, Tan, picture
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This caddis dry uses sealed cell foam for the body, allowing these flies to float high even in rough water. The high flotation body allows these flies to be skated. For picky fish trim the wing on the sides to narrow the silhouette. Also a very good Aquatic Moth pattern.